X: Ricky Donovan “We’re engaged.”

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  1. The sheer size of porn actors’ egos never ceases to amaze me. Wow. They truly seem to believe the world hangs on their every word and opinion.

    Thanks for the collection Denz. Fascinating as usual.

      1. It sure is ! And really, I don’t know why. He looked better 2 or 3 years ago. Has anyone else noticed in the last year how much he is shrinking? Either he lost his gym membership, quit eating proteins or no more $ for creatine.

  2. Quin Quire is both creative and talented – it’s always a pleasure to see people do something positive outside the porn context.

    Congratulations to Ricky and Johnny Donovan. For some reason I thought that they were already married, but all I can say is that it’s lovely to know that they are in love and engaged. 😊

    For some reason, I find it hard to feel sorry for Ryan Dixon. Maybe the next time he should think twice about making creepy comments to co-workers? Well, live and learn, as they say…

    Steve Rickz’s stupidity and barely veiled homophobia are becoming tiresome. Yes, we get it: you’re better than gay people and you and your friends are awesome because you’re buysexual hetero twats. Now, if you could please stop biting the hand that feeds you by posting your nonsensical rants on social media, the world will be a much better place.

    Henrik Sommer depresses me. He clearly needs help and support, but doesn’t seem to want to get any even though he’s clearly stated that many people in his life are worried about him, and have tried to offer assistance, only to be turned away. Seeing someone who has psychological issues keep circling the drain is incredibly sad… I hope that someone can finally reach him and help him to overcome his illness, because it’s painful to watch.

    Lobo Carreira ought to get a monument somewhere. God, that man is BEAUTIFUL. 😍

    I’m not surprised to see that Elio Chalamet/Emmet has a girlfriend. Most Bel Ami guys are heterosexual or strongly hetero-romantic bisexuals at best. Well, I guess that we ought to congratulate him for finding love and finally managing to make a living without shamelessly gay-baiting?

    If Alpha Wolfe is so unhappy in gay porn, why does he keep whining about it? Wasn’t he meant to retire to heal from this toxic environment? If so, why isn’t he doing it? The most likely answer is that the worst of his addictions is his insatiable need for attention. Honey, go to rehab and stop looking for sympathy: you’re not gonna find any in here.

    Finally, I would like to offer a prayer to Saint Ricky Larkin. He is SUCH a good person by most accounts and it’s so unfortunate that everyone he meets keeps stabbing him in the back and taking advantage of his generosity, kindness and shady substances. His tales of woe will go down in history as the Second Coming of Christ… If Christ had been a nasty, obnoxious narcissist who burns bridges everywhere and fights with everyone. As they say, if you have issues with everyone you meet, the biggest problem you have might be your own self.

    Jason Collins’ interviews were much more interesting when he talked to gay porn models. Now that he’s decided to fawn all over porn starlets and straight guys, his channel has become insanely boring – and his audience seems to agree, as his viewer engagement seems to have dramatically decreased. I hope he returns to what he does best, because to be honest many of his interviews as of late, have been very dull.

    1. Judging from their personal profiles most BA dudes are a little bit fruity and have a thing for MMF so more bisexual than straight.

        1. What is more likely ? That a guy who suck dick,eat cum is fucked in the ass having Rock hard cock and cums from fucking a guy hole is bisexual or 10000% straight?
          David Hume dear.

    1. Steve Rickz does come across as homophobic. He definitely making it clear to public be isn’t gay. But why not just make straight porn? Why suck cock and take dick up the ass? He doesn’t have to do it. The emphasis on the specific sex acts he and his bi friends will do. Why does he hate gay men?

      1. I am bi and while the sight of a hot muscular dude moaning and orgasming turn me on I am not gay and I have no desire to date men. I am bi and I dont want people to view me as gay.
        Calling me or him or any bi dude gay is simply wrong because what kind of gay guy likes to fuck pussy and date women?!

        1. We’re good enough for dudes like you to fuck but we’re not good enough for dudes like you to ever hang out with, be seen around, actually love and value and cherish. That’s where the massive disconnect comes in, and if we call it out, you all whine biphobia. That’s what Steve does too, and it’s causes legitimate resentment. It’s homophobic.

          I don’t think Steve is straight. I think he’s bisexual, but he prefers women. It puts him at odds with not just gay men but also gay-leaning bi men who view men as more than sex toys. Who actually live and lead oestensibly non-heterosexual lives. He’s basically straight for all intents and purposes in how he leads his life and obviously in his outlook but he also seems to feel attacked when gay men point that out. He wants to have the rainbow community cookie while at the same time disassociating himself from it. It’s tiring and the rest of us in the community have had to put up with these…your kind of bisexuals forever, and we’re kinda over it. Not just kinda.

          You’re so oblivious to how offensive you come off too.

        2. You’re why so many of us gay men avoid bi men like you. We’re good enough to lust over or fuck but not good enough to be with. You’re a creep and an asshole.

      2. ” He definitely making it clear to public be isn’t gay. But why not just make straight porn? ”

        Because while he’s arrogant (and at times irreverent) Rickz isn’t stupid. It’s in many ways akin to. A Clark Davis’ comment, the fact that he realizes being “100 percent straight” in his OF would not pay the bills (or any bills). And while bisexual porn provides him (and some other awful ppl, like Sargent Miles and Ricky Larkin) some funds, they’d never (remotely) survive as only “straight” actors, and cannot afford to completely ostracize the gay community because that’s where the money is, in terms of men and porn. So there’s this tapdance of needless rants due to homophobia (internalized or whatever), that is matched with this half hearted effort to show appreciation for their “gayness” or “bi-ness”

  3. Kane Fox – Nice to see you reading a thesaurus. One day you will be glad you did.
    Steve Rickz – What ever dude. Nobody cares what you do or where you live.
    Nate Grimes – *SEE ABOVE
    Elliot Baxx and Alpha * SEE ABOVE.
    Dalton Briggs – Very attractive guy. Never was sure if he is gay or not?

      1. It is funny that he came on the scene and was the BIGGEST thing at Helix for a quick minute…Then POOF… he was gone for a long while. Now he is back. Did the sugar daddy kick him out? Did he go thru his $ so fast?

  4. Dalton Briggs: You’ve always been hot. Awesome photo shoot.

    Lobo Carreira: In addition to your body, the big bulge in your shorts is the most eye-catching.

    Kane Fox: ???? Doesn’t matter….

    Steve Rickz the only thing we hear from you besides your homophobic tirades is: Bi Bi Bi Bi Bi……we fucking get it. You need pussy all the time otherwise nothing will work for you. It’s the same when G4P actors keep shouting: pussy pussy pussy……..

    Ricky, Elliot, Alpha: It’s incredibly tiring to read or hear the same thing from their over and over again. When will they finally disappear into their holy, protected straight life and finally piss off…

    Mateo Tomas XL : It sounds like you’re saying: I fuck everything, including car tires, refrigerators, watermelons and so on. All are welcome!

    Johnny Donovan: Congratulations. As long as your fiancé believes in you and accepts that you also fuck pussy then everything is fine with you.

    Speaking of pussy again: Most of the boys at BA are bi, but there are also a lot of gays among them. Above all, BA always shoots hot gay porn. I don’t care what the actors do and fuck in their private lives. As long as they don’t offend the hand that feeds them.

    Thanks Denz for this week….

    1. I agree that most BA models were/are bi rather than G4P; their mentality is unlabelled and they enjoy sex wherever its a guy or girl. Most will likely end up with women but they are down to purely sexual hookup with dude to get off or MMF threesome where they have pussy and cock at the same time. Jim Durden ,Adam Archuleta,Rhys Jagger are for sure bisexual; you can sense their love for good tight ass from the screen.

  5. Elliott Finn is a mental case. Just check his TikTok. He’s got crazy eyes and has already retired once from GFP porn, but he’s back quicker than lying rose. These whores need mental evaluations.

  6. Dear lord, will Elliott Finn never go away? Nate Grimes: Those cock cages look ridiculous, and what even is the point? Derek Kage and Owen Hawks wear them too. I want to see fully engorged hard cocks when I’m watching porn, even the bottoms’ (I know, I know…)

  7. Ricky Larkin: so poetic, I believe you are bi because you came few times from fucking a pretty guy but you are so repulsive…
    Kane Fox: we know from your posts that your ego is beyond limit, you are another bi dude who suprisingly date a guy and acts queeny(which is rare for bi dudes).
    Steve Rickz: so I understand all those dudes are bi and they enjoy sex with men on and off camera? Ok…You all are terrible representation of bi dudes in gay porn(who supposedly make up 60-70% of dudes in porn) I could name 10 bi dudes in gay porn faaar hotter than you who obviously enjoyed male ass and dick.
    Elliot Finn- you are gross and looks like numbed zombie in your scenes but for some reason I would like to talk with you lol.
    Baxx: it cringy when in 2023 a Flaming midget queen like you write “straight” in bio.
    Alpha Wolfe: God doesn’t exist and even if he existed he would be dusgusted with your pansexuality and obvious enjoyment of sticking objects in your hole.
    Masc Jason: just go
    Nate Grimes: your hole turned many gay men straight.
    Dalton Briggs- so hot and your scene with cockthirsty Quentin Gainz was legendary[he broke up with his 5th gf tho]
    Ellio Chalamet- I have no problem with believing ur bi – your face is kinda fruity[that lip filler] you stay rock hard as top and bottom; your gf is probably into mmf threesomes and gay porn so you fuck together some dudes (Daniel Knight def)

  8. Steve Rickz and this bisexual/str8 ass kissing thing he seems to be fixated on is making me quite nauseous. We get it already. You love sleeping with women and fellow weird ass bi porn dudes. I have no problem with you being bisexual but let’s not forget the belittling of gays that you dished as well.

    Everything else is just a hot damn mess. We’ve got two guys who’ve been married forever (at least it feels like that).

    You’ve got Mateo who would fuck anything and have it be filmed. For some reason I feel like we should have the pharmacy ready afterwards.

    Ricky feels like he’s becoming enlightened when he still refuses to address the homophobia and racism that he’s been known for in the past.

    The biggest question has to be… Who in the flying fuck is Emmett and Bella and why are the here?

    1. Steve Rickz and the people he listed are also the first one to decry, like ,reply or retweet posts about biphobia and how no one are giving them a chance.

      Because the world needs to accept and put up with their bullshit apparently

  9. Alpha Wolfe is taking the religious turn we see so many of the bisexual-ish/pansexual/G4P models take when they leave porn. He’s not railing against gay porn so that’s appreciated but it is yet another reflection and reminder that so many of these guys have extreme difficulty reconciling their homosexuality, reconciling their actions in porn and their lifestyle, with how they view themselves as men and their place in the world. They’re lost and as we see with so many, lost people use religion as a crutch.

    It is a bit nauseating and it comes through on screen when they film because they can’t allow themselves to fully release in their scenes. It makes porn worse. Elliot Finn isn’t a religious nutter but his inability to really release himself in scenes was obvious, so I could easily believe he was G4P yet 90% of his posts relate to his porn past even though it was now almost two years ago. These dudes have nothing going for them—their lives are pretty empty and for many, so clearly torturous. Not that gay/authentically bisexual guys don’t have their own issues but it’s almost a damn guarantee with these dudes. It’s annoying. It’s not that I don’t have a little empathy but I don’t like the fact the rest of the community gets roped into these dudes and their dilemmas.

    1. “Elliot Finn isn’t a religious nutter but his inability to really release himself in scenes was obvious, so I could easily believe he was G4P yet 90% of his posts relate to his porn past even though it was now almost two years ago. These dudes have nothing going for them”

      OMG – thank you – Elliot Finn is like that guy who graduated from high school who played second string on the football team who, years later, KEEPS visiting the high school. What did U2 call it ? “Stuck in a moment”. Yeesh. You retired. Nobody cares about your musings. Have fun with whatever else you’re doing (which seems like…nothing)

  10. To Carreira…
    As a weight lifter myself, I understand the tendency to want to keep putting on mass. Resist that. You’re perfect lean and muscular.

    To all the other X posters, you’re fucking tedious morons.

  11. Looking at these tweets makes me realize how lucky i am that I’m not a public figure, let alone a porn star. These people are CRAZY. It’s too much. My God smh

    1. The Gay Porn Whores on Social Media are some of the most angry, Alpha (Acting) assholes ever to be squeezed out of a vagina. One of them sent me a death threat years ago CoughRyanRoseCough. The best part of most of them ran down their mom’s leg.

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