Also known as: Tyler French aka Asher

Tyler French had a solo at Gay Hoopla and a straight scene at Hot Guys Fuck released last year.

As Asher, his cock is the latest for the owner of Military Classified.

9 thoughts on “Also known as: Tyler French aka Asher

  1. With this, Millitary Classified has achieved something that (Fake) Hoopla never managed in the last years. To give these “straight guys” enough so that they can at least give they a blowjob in order to sell themselves as a “G4P whore”!

  2. I have to say – I think the “Frat Boy” Tyler looks hot. Love the boy next door look and the body. I bit too much ink and that dick is NOT a porn dick. But, his first few pictures looks good. The hair cut is a miss.
    And we all know he is not gay.

  3. Definitely looking much better in the Military Classified video. Let’s see if he steps it up and performs outside of these fringe sites.

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