Misc.: Colt Spence, Sir Peter, Ty Santana, Big C and Braxton Cruz

Colt Spence has always been the top since he started filming for porn studios. It says in his profile at Raw Fuck Club that he is a jock top from Chicago. His latest had him top Jack Bailey at Disruptive Films.

Sir Peter does bottom, but it’s not that often. His latest is up next at The Bro Network with his flip-fuck scene with Mateo Zagal.

Ty Santana called out Big C, who owns The Big C Men, as racist for disrespecting another black man.

Braxton Cruz will probably film a scene as the bottom for a studio since he just did it for his fan site. He has an upcoming scene at Men as the top to Dane Jaxson.

9 thoughts on “Misc.: Colt Spence, Sir Peter, Ty Santana, Big C and Braxton Cruz

  1. I’m not too familiar with Colt Spence’s movies but from what I saw with this one featured, I don’t need to know anymore cause that was fucking horrible. Another lame ass top who doesn’t suck dick is the last thing that’s needed in gay porn. It is an extremely hard pass.

    BigCMen have been problematic for years so no one should be shocked by what Cory did. That man is a racist scumbag & an asshole who needs to lose everything. The real test is will any porn star still work with them after seeing this. If anyone does, they need to lose their career as much as anyone from BigCMen.

    I saw the scene Braxton Cruz did with Rhyheim & it was excellent. If Braxton really does bottom again, all I ask for is that he gets with another top who will suck that big dick of his. Braxton has changed as a top performer & has become more oral, which is a joy to watch & i hope he gets with someone who will match his energy. Time will tell but I’m hoping he will make the right choices with the right guys.

  2. Peter is a hot man; he’s had good flip flop scenes with Trenton Ducati and Adam Killian. I like when he bottoms.

    I was a Jack Bailey fan for a while, but eventually the put-on faces and eye-rolling and perpetual soft dick turned me off. I will give him credit, though, for eating Romeo Davis and Jax Thirio’s asses in the most spectacular way; the boy knows how to rim a hole.

    Cory and Jared are Magats, so no surprise there.

  3. Glad to see Braxton and Peter diversify themselves and be willing to bottom and also be interactive with their bottoms when they top. That’s all people wanna see. It’s fine if you’re predominantly a top but give us something a little more. Colt Spence is somewhat interactive with his bottoms but for the most part is just sticking in and railing and there are guys who are into that, but I think most would want a little more than that in him as a performer.

    As for Cory and Jared….no surprise. Not that we don’t know performers will continue doing scenes with him. They’ve been openly problematic for a long time. I fully expect them to continue to skate for being racist.

    1. The amount of guys who hide behind race play to be openly racist and act upon that is just like the amount of guys who use BDSM as their excuse and ability to be abusive and get a pass.

  4. If Sir Peter is going to bottom (yay!) then he really needs to be more selective with his scene partners. Zagal doesn’t cut it.

  5. First, BigC men have been called out before about this. Second, Max has nothing to say since he was called out for a video he did and his bottom called him the N -word and he kept railing him. He pretended like he didn’t hear the guy when called out by someone who saw the video. Max let’s people call him that and films it for his OF.

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