Back in action: Farley, Collin Merp, and Brandon Anderson

Farley had one scene released in 2021 at Raw Hole, where he was the top to Augusto Phellipe. Last week, his scene as the top to Matthew Ellis was released by Naked Sword.

Collin Merp, who I posted as a newbie to watch back in August, has an upcoming threesome scene with Ty Roderick and Vincent O’Reilly next week at Next Door Studios.

Brandon Anderson, whose latest scene was recycled, has not had a new scene released since June 2023. He has an upcoming scene with Sebastian Green at Next Door Studios in two weeks.

3 thoughts on “Back in action: Farley, Collin Merp, and Brandon Anderson

  1. Always liked Brandon, but please loose the damn Sox.

    Ty please bottom. You always looked great doing it. Do a scene with Ryhyeim.

  2. Naked Sword has improved in recent weeks. The actors are more flexible, hot and not as worn out as many “cross over standard” actors that many Subscribers are already fed up with.
    They take their time with the scenes and the locations are great.
    I’m not sure if it’s because those awful two, Mrs. Pam and Chi Chi La Rue, don’t do these scenes anymore. Thank God. They ruined gay porn too.
    Collin and Brandon are ok, they turn well and aren’t too worn out yet. At least Collin.
    He could shoot a little more in the future.

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