Real-life lovers: Jake Preston, Clark Reid, John Leto, Freddy McQueen, Calan (Corbin Fisher), and Bryce

Men released the second pair-up of real-life lovers Jake Preston and Clark Reed on the first day of 2024.

Fresh Men had another scene that paired real-life lovers. Last week, it was Hugo Carter and Steven Collins. This week, it’s the third scene of John Leto and Freddy McQueen on the site.

From Fresh MenJohn Leto and Freddy McQueen are an inseparable couple. They are always in a great mood and love to have fun. Besides this, they are incredibly sexy and enjoy teasing each other sexually.

Corbin Fisher introduced their first newbie of the year in Bryce (Jax). Bryce is the real-life lover of James Cassidy, who is Calan at Corbin Fisher.

15 thoughts on “Real-life lovers: Jake Preston, Clark Reid, John Leto, Freddy McQueen, Calan (Corbin Fisher), and Bryce

  1. Studios now actually want to use “Real Lovers” to come across as more authentic, convincing and, above all, more “gay”? To be honest: there used to be a lot of couples, real live lovers and married couples in gay porn. Just like in straight porn and other porn fetishes, too.
    What’s different now? Or better? Or the point of demonstrating something like that? Nothing.
    It’s just a side effect that’s there. People notice it, but in the porn business, none of the consumers care. I always hear from these consumers, commenters here it’s just PORN!
    It’s a fantasy, a product when it’s sold. That’s exactly what they say again and again when they publish pussy scenes in gay porn in order to deliberately offend consumers.
    It is presented as a plausible explanation only to be accepted. Many people just make it easy for themselves and ignore everything else just to ignore REALITY! What good is it if they put Jake Preston and Clark Reid together on MEN and in the end the scene is a failure because neither of them can stay tough and can’t do a convincing scene? Or they both mate with pussy on their website? Exactly the same game in CF! The new year begins as the old one ended. They have high hopes and want to demonstrate that they are far from finished. And then they publish their terribly unnecessary and, above all, annoying pussy scenes and pair the new actors with them just to destroy the feeling of subscribing to a pure gay porn studio to enjoy gay porn.
    The biggest problem and stubbornness of these studios is that they don’t want to understand why subscribers and gay customers abandon or run away from such studios.
    And until they fix or stop this problem, they will never be well or get back on their feet.
    Such studios are just languishing. Week after week. Month for month.
    And that is exactly what affects the quality of gay porn at the expense of customers.
    And that’s more “REAL” than anything else shown…

    1. “The biggest problem and stubbornness of these studios is that they don’t want to understand why subscribers and gay customers abandon or run away from such studios.”

      It would be interesting to see some actual facts/data about subscriptions at MEN & Corbin Fisher. and customers “abandoning/running away.” They’re still around after decades, even tho the competition has grown exponentially.

      1. I don’t know about CF, but MEN sure does seem to be going down the shitter, considering all the recycled scenarios and sets on their recent scenes. We are not even talk about their “exclusives” here!

        The site being owned by MG, the “owners” of 90% of the mainstream porn market, sure does explain the entire thing not burning to the ground yet.

  2. Real life lovers? Disgusting ,appalling. I’m old bitter and single and seething with jealousy so ignore me completely jk

  3. “ChatGPT, write me a boring essay about gay porn performers. Make sure you mention them fucking pussy somewhere in there. You’re allowed to reuse content from the boring essay from yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that, and the day before that as well…”

    1. Imagine complaining about a completely free porn blog that apparently also entertains you enough that you read and post comments to it all the time. Some of you guys must be so dissatisfied with your lives.

      1. It’s definitely him. He or the same people always write the same thing while they get upset and write the same thing themselves while constantly criticizing others (especially gays).
        This is called karma. Or shizophrenia…

  4. Maybe the Corbin Fisher boys will stop pixelating their faces on twitter. I don’t think it’s a CF requirement. Maybe they think the secret won’t get out but it already is.

    All cute boys and couples.

  5. I do have a thing for watching boyfriends getting fucked by two other guys and I hope those two guys are Barron and Rocky!

  6. I Do NOT get how xMidWestVersx appeals to anybody? I cannot stand a blocked face or mask!
    What makes any scene hot to me is the eye contact, or kissing. You have to see some “connection” between the guys for it to be hot to me. Also, I don’t know about anyone else, but that picture of the “boyfriends” kissing? My cock always gets hard when I kiss someone I like or love. They look awful soft…..

  7. Like the bf trope. I like Jake more when he bottoms. Hopefully we’ll see Bryce and Callan getting busy with 2 other guys.

    I think Bryce has sexy feet.

    1. Must update–they did a scene with Michael Boston on his platform that is absolutely incredibly hot, Michael eats both of their loads after a long session of spit roasting, kissing, cock sucking. They seem to be really BFs.

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