5 thoughts on “Rate the site: Noir Male

  1. Unfortunately, Noir Male has also fallen a lot in the last year. It’s mainly due to this cross over actor/director Micah Martinez who ruined a lot. He works and shoots for Noir Male/Icon Male or Blacks On Boys.
    Always the same actors/cast, the same boring stories, where they also hire women as actresses who are annoying in order to portray a straight man in the video more real. Always the same. Has nothing to do with gay culture or gay anymore. As if these sites are run by queer straight people like MEN/MG!

  2. I’m not a fan. I was hoping that NoirMale would be a different kind of gay porn site for black men that wouldn’t be stereotypical of us (I’m a black man) but it hasn’t been that at all. It just keeps the stereotypes going and i hate that and I won’t support it. Every once in a while they will go against the grain but it’s rare and I want the rarity to be the norm but it won’t be with this site. Hard pass.

  3. Noir Male has an important place in gay porn gives Black models the spotlight. The quality of the models has gone down. I am seeing overweight and out of shape men in gay porn. That is a major turn off. For example, Micah Martinez is unattractive, hairy, fat and has a small dick. The dick size of the models are disappointing. When I watch black gay porn I want to see black men with huge cocks. I don’t care if people think my comment isn’t PC. Porn is fantasy and too many models with small and average size dicks. Where are the black men with enormous dicks?

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