X: Hunter Vance “Had a great time at the GayVN awards.”

32 thoughts on “X: Hunter Vance “Had a great time at the GayVN awards.”

  1. For Lucy/Lance, she has to realize that at the end of the day, your audience has shifted. I’m not sure whether or not she’s factored that in and made the appropriate calculations and promotion to the audience that’ll be attracted to her at this point because gay men and I’d say a huge chunk of bi men won’t be attracted to her but rather the queer/pansexual crowd. She has to recognize that and adjust accordingly.

    Promoting poppers that way with the history of substance issues Dolf has is definitely a little bit…I can’t even think of the right word really. It’s uncomfortable. Let’s just say that. He should have more self-awareness but that’s never gonna come with him.

    Respect to Sean Xavier on the HIV awareness post. Gorgeous and intelligent man.

    Chris Damned is hot but he’s bitchy and it’s really not cute to be a grown adult doing the high school girl act.

    Drew Valentino is hot but he’s not bitchy and he’s not pretentious (plus cares about his health) which makes him even hotter.

    The outfits are a definitely a bit silly, but to be honest it’s also a porn awards show. What do you expect. It’s not really the time and place to try to show people up and mock them, at a place that should be safe and loving. It’s one thing for fans to have jokes or criticism but another for performers. That’s just my view.

  2. Good Lord, I honestly thought that I’d never see a more vapid display of tone deaf, self serving and tactless Tweets, but here we are. 😒

    Y’all keep living your “best life”.. 😞

  3. These awards are some of the cringiest displays I’ve ever seen. These dudes are giving awards to one another for fucking each other. Let that soak into your head for a second and see how damn silly of a concept.

    I’m so totally onboard with Austin Wilde. There has to be a level of favoritism involved because some of the winners are some of the most problematic people ever (Derek Kage). This man has said and done some of the most tone deaf and stupidest stuff. Lots of these guys are so damn boring and one noted it’s scary. On top of that, they all looked a damn mess and this is such event is a waste of time.

    On another note… Noahwaybabes is so goddamn cringy. So is Tanner Reed. I don’t know what the fuck that Noah character has that’s got such a stranglehold on the “gay” adult community but it’s comical. Every single “gay” OF content creator and porn star wants to stick Noah. Every time I see it happen my eyes roll so hard they almost fall out. Then when these men get called out and loose fanfare, Noah’s ass stays quiet. No defense or backup for the performer that films with Noah and yet these men continue to sabotage themselves just to get some of that. Hilarious.

    Lastly, Pierce is so narcissistic it’s scary. Just read that tweet and tell me that it didn’t make you slightly nauseous while simultaneously laughing.

    1. People film with Noah because of clicks, she brings views and engagement and not because they think she looks hot, I mean homegurl is basically a withered corpse.

      1. Absolutely ridiculous. Not enough clicks and clits in the world.

        To think these guys will post a picture with that over used vagina gaped open on their lap and then caption it with a “gay” hashtag. They’ll go further and say that “this guy’s pussy felt so good” or “my first pussy ever” or even go into the comments and berate the true gay men and tell them this is a man and this is gay sex or that gay men are stupid for not experimenting more. Like WTF, dude you’re fucking joking. Nothing about this is gay sex yet this jackass is nominated and winning awards in the gay category.

        All that happens with this fad is that Noah will run course through this lame asses. The clicks will eventually dwindle and those men who will go looking back for their gay following and we’ll be long gone. Their careers will fade into existence. Look at Drew Dixon and his fall. How about Michael Boston. His name has fallen off after sleeping with Noah and trying his best to hide that shoot.

        1. Because anything trans is a huge hot topic in political/social circles. The gay industry simply isn’t popular enough and the money isn’t there anymore, however trans stuff has been exploding for the last few years and what better way to get some coins than to hop on the bandwagon.

          1. It has nothing to do with a bandwagon or the gay industry not being popular enough. It has to do with the fact a lot of these men find guys like Noah attractive and aren’t thrown by and some even attracted to the idea of a man with a vagina. They like that….also Noah is popular himself so it’s good for their own pages. People of course will have their opinions about that, but that’s what it is.

            There’s no hidden agenda behind it; it’s all the same marketing and it’s all sex with these guys, it’s all part of the job. What it means long term for all these models….we’ll find out.

              1. I know most people on this blog straight up don’t think trans identity is valid and that is what it is, I’m not opening that can of worms, it’s honestly irrelevant at this point since there’s nothing you can really do about that and people are gonna keep identifying and living as such regardless, and wasn’t the point.

                The point is that this has nothing to do with traditional gay porn losing popularity at all….it is still more popular than trans porn, always will be because trans porn alienates many gay men in ways traditional gay porn obviously doesn’t, while the same bi/pan/fluid/etc dudes that may like trans porn also will like gay porn. And this is porn….this idea these performers are winning political/social cache in some way doesn’t make any sense. Trans porn is a niche category within an overall niche culture and always will be.

                The point is a) Noah is popular….b) these guys are out to make money, this is a job for them…..c) they’re attracted to Noah. A wouldn’t be the case if C wasn’t…yeah, they want clicks, but they’re getting those clicks, and it’s because of C. That’s all I’m saying. These performers and many out there in the pornosphere obviously do find Noah attractive and find trans models, whether FTM or MTF, attractive. People will have their own individual opinions on it. I’m not a trans porn guy myself but your comment is kinda delusional frankly.

                1. Noah is popular because she’s trans and these days trans topics are everywhere in modern lgbt circles and that’s why people film and collab with her, it’s all just a stunt to make money and attention which per se isn’t bad, but let’s not act that all these men find her attractive and are pure of heart, do you need a drawing to understand that?

                  1. I think you need a wake up call because you don’t want to accept the reality that….yeah, people are working with Noah a) because Noah is trans with a huge audience but not because of political reasons or cultural cache but because they b) find trans guys hot and find Noah hot specifically.

                    There are no clicks and no audience if people didn’t find Noah attractive. That’s porn for you. This isn’t politics. It’s porn. You don’t want to accept that though because you can’t conceive attractiveness in trans people. Like I said…that’s your tastes, but they’re not shared by everyone at all.

                    I’m not a trans porn guy myself either. A lot of people are. Whether you can comprehend that or not, they are, and it isn’t simply about money or feel good points or attention.

                    1. Girl you are naive, do you think people work with Michael Lucas because he’s attracive lmao?

                2. You’re way too naive if you really think there isn’t any politics involved in these awards shows.

                  Hell, the Oscars are a prime example of the oposite being the case: how many of movies that won “Movie of the Year” on the last decade do you remember? I believe not many.

                  Between movie nerds, it’s actually a running gag to note how many movies who didn’t made the cut for the Oscars ended up being more iconic and impactful to culture than the ones who actually won.

                  The same could be applied to other similar events on other sectors of the entertainment industry easily: what this is really about is what the heads behind the industry want to promote, be it content or people.

                  You can pretend to not see it, but it’s the truth.

    2. Noah is known to be a giant narcissist who throws temper tantrums around at the drop of a hat.

      I wouldn’t be surprised at all if some years down the line they decide to detrans and go around gloating about how they managed to “convert” so many gay men to the cult of pussy.

      People like them get nominated and win awards in gay award shows for the same reason many shitty movies are nominated and win awards at the Oscars: politics.

      Many in gay porn inner circle use such award shows as a platform to promote certain kinds of content and performers. That’s why people like Derek Kage get to “shine” in such events, even thought they track record both in and outside scenes is very lacking.

      Do I even need to go on about those who endorse GayVNs? Just a tipx: it stars with “Mind” and ends with “Geek”.

      1. Noah totally reads as a sociopath with untreated mental illness, I’ve seen her making fun of other people’s looks and the irony is off the charts when she looks one step closer to the graveyard with that ashy skin and greasy hair.

        1. One of the most cringy things I’ve seen Noah do was when Noah was filming some scene with one of these dudes and the guy called his genitals a penis and Noah said ewww. The guy asked what and Noah said “I hate that word, penis. It creeps me out.” You hate the name of male genitals and yet you wanna suck and fuck them all day long. Cringy as fuck.

        2. This is news to me.

          The last person who should be making fun of anyone’s appearance is Noah.

          Funny story: the people at MEN.com had to photoshop away her mastectomy scars in the promotional material of their scene with Jake Preston.

          How brave and stunning!

          It will be pretty interesting to see how they’re going to proceed once they get too old to play bootleg twink.

  4. Sure Jan…Eh, Derek bitch Bolton. You only wanna fuck with EVERYBODY who has a dick but don’t wanna be and feel alone. These are the reasons you have a “husband” and 4 “boyfriends”. You need to admit wanna be the biggest bitch ever, fucking with everybody, being the bigges cumdump, but you can’t be single because the fear for feeling alone after sex is too big for you and you name “open relationships” what you have. But in reality, is just people whom are with you just for an habit or gaining something. NOT “normalize” your fucking lifestyle like the “best life”, because is just a social media fantasy and in reality is not as good like looks. Other people wants different kinds of relationships and it’s ok.

    1. I wonder if there’s any kind of polarity in his poly arrangement.

      I say this because, most of the time, these relationships devolve into a simple “main couple + sidepiece” configuration.

      At least, as far as I know, there isn’t anything as disgusting as “unicorn hunting” in the gay poly scene, which is a plus, I guess. Not having to worry with pregnancies at least makes the drama way less spicy.

  5. Those “Awards” are such a joke. I’ve never seen so many Gay4Payers, lousy performers and dickheads all in the same place and at the same time.

    It really makes you wish the building had fallen down and done porn a favour.

    1. I agree, and it pisses me off when someone like Austin or Michael Boston and other very famous and long established gay performers are amplifying gay baiters and gay for payers. I know they’ll do basically anything for cash but there has to be a line, and unfortunately most of them don’t have it. If they’re not gonna hold the line, then honestly, what do you expect from the rest of these guys.

      There is a level of integrity that is missing right now in the industry.

  6. Gay awards are the cringiest shit ever. I saw the pics during the AVN Expo (the straight one) and lemme tell you, not a single fan seen at the stands, it was just the people working in the industry taking pics with each other trying to make It look like people were attending lmao. Your sorry asses just arent popular enough to make a standalone expo so you have to get merged with the straight one and get a handful of booths.

    These people aren’t real. You can taste the delusion (and drugs) through the screen. They are so detached from reality that bitches like ms Derek Bolt think they’re doing something when really my fren, while you look like a bloated swine, you are in a “open” relationship because you cannot deal being alone.

  7. As I already said: These award shows (especially when they still contain the title gay) no longer have anything to do with gay at all. Except a few nominations and awards for non-gay “crossover actors! It was once again proof of decadence/exaggeration/narcissism and above all pure hypocrisy from the approx. 90% non-gay queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid people to see with women showed up at the show and celebrate themselves the loudest. Luckily, MEN won in unimportant categories like best bi (pussyscene), which once again shows that they are the best “queer/bi site” on the internet when it comes to hardcore! Plus that all the women who came along as eulogists or wives/girlfriends. What does that have to do with gay? Then there are these expos! The same actors who were at the AVN (Straightporn) Expo are also at the Gay Expo. If they still exist at all . To make “gay” fans happy. How ridiculously wrong/hypocritical…

  8. Diesel 💀

    Attending a porn award while cosplaying as a boy scout is so revolting. Everyone involved with that studio grosses me out.

  9. The GavVN’s ads a joke to me. They award terrible performers having terrible sex and that’s not hot at all. The outfits these fools are wearing is the perfect metaphor for how bad gay porn is in 2024. Diesel was so on point with his analysis of these folks.

    And it does help that so much of the “gay porn” being awarded isn’t gay. If a trans-anyone is in that film, it’s not gay i don’t care how much you want to call that but it’s not. Titties & pussy in a gay porn film isn’t gay. Genitals matter and downplaying them is taking the essence of gay porn away & it’s bullshit. The whole thing is a sham & a farce.

  10. DOLF DIETRICH: His face is scary. He looks like a wax statue. Maybe lots of cosmetic procedures. Wasn’t he the one who was accused of child pornography? What a horrible thing!
    PIERCE PARIS: How arrogant! Always praising himself. He should learn to be more humble. Because all this arrogance turns people off.
    AUSTIN WOLF: Extremely award-winning actor and yet always pleasant and always smiling.
    DIESEL WASHINGTON: He’s hilarious. Great talent for Comedy. I love reading his comments.
    CHRIS DAMNED: Another with a talent for Comedy. He is very fun, understands a lot about fashion and, in person, he is surprising, as he is very friendly and even a little shy.
    DOM KING: He was snubbed and his comment are correct. The GayVN Awards don’t have much credibility. It’s all about politics and benefiting groups of same people. If it were for popularity and sales, Dom King should have received awards. Not fair at all.

  11. It’s funny how people are coming to finally acknowledge that most of these award shows are way more about the petty politics of the moment than actual industry achievements.

    Better late than never, I guess.

  12. Drew Valentino still trying to use the “I’m sober” thing? I guess his adderall addiction doesn’t count though right?
    And “no embarrassing yourself”? Does one night of your stand up “comedy” show at a half empty bar in Palm Springs not count as embarrassing?

    1. That, and he looks he lacks basic hygiene, common for gay men in gay porn these days who believe they’re “masc” lmao

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