7 thoughts on “Rate the site: Treasure Island Media

  1. From what I’ve seen, the scenes are short, overedited and lack chemistry, but it’s been like that for a while and especially since they started using more mainstream models. They no longer have a niche or offer anything that isn’t done better elsewhere. Bareback is now the standard and there are various fansite pages/people that cover the seedy/cumdump/amateur theme of old TIM much more frequently and without all the costs associated with a studio. The fact that TIM of all places has scenes with FTMs/vaginas show that it has completely lost its identity.

  2. One of the worst gay porn sites on the web today. That’s all there is to say about it. And hearing that there’s FTM’s on there makes it even more terrible. Whatever edge they had with Barebacking, they’ve lost it because every site is barebacking. They’re well past their prime.

  3. Used to I’d get excited with every new release. I’m past the point of being disappointed and now just indifferent. Too many Brazilian’s. Some of them are hot but it’s way too much, and seems like overall they have lost any imagination and are just on auto pilot. With every fan site and major studio only pumping out fake cum shots nowadays the industry as a whole is pretty meh.

  4. Everyone has their interests and not gonna knock people for theirs unless it truly crosses a moral line, but I’m not into the aggressive deviancy either. That’s the allure of this site but it’s not my cup of tea. But objectively, as said by others, just feels TIM is no longer unique and their brand no longer has much cache. TIM is a bit stale and played out nowadays.

    Feels like Kink has really cornered the market on the studio fetishism and is doing what TIM does with better productions and more cash, models more people connect with.

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