X: Cade Maddox “It’s GayVN Award voting time again!!!”

12 thoughts on “X: Cade Maddox “It’s GayVN Award voting time again!!!”

  1. Most OF models treat it like a get-rich-quick scheme and put in the bare minimum effort and/or use scammy practices to fleece their subscribers for as much as they can get. It’s no surprise that they struggle to retain subscribers. Even some of the bigger names can’t be bothered to get a cameraman or upgrade from their washed-out, grainy phone camera.

    @Rocky …What kind of person recommends porn models to their friends? 🫤 Some of these porn performers live in strange social bubbles that have convinced them that they are in the same domain as regular artists or musicians. They aren’t, and porn is very far from being the normal, casually discussed topic that they would like it to be.

  2. Believe it or not, but studios are more consumer-friendly than OF.

    It’s not even a competition: in the case of studios, the consumer only pays a set value subscription in order to have access to most, if not all of their content. On OF, it’s the subscription plus extra payments in the form of “PPV”, which basically consists in the locking of content people actually want to see behind a paywall.

    And no, most of these aren’t 1 or 2 bucks a pop, but 25$ to 100$. Hell, some even have the nerve to charge people 200$ for it.

    The price is worth it though? Nope!

    Most OF creators simply can’t shoot to save their lives, nor have the interest to spend the money necessary to buy a proper set-up.

    The Golden Rule of OF: always place your recording equipment on the opposite wall where the action is taking place! That’s peak content that people will be totally willing to drop 50$ on!

    With such brilliant, affordable and hight quality content being pumped on most accounts, I wonder why subscriptions are simply going away lately…

  3. The hypocritical, lying award show season is starting again. All the “bisexual” crossover actors from the queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid agenda celebrate together with their queer fans themselves and, above all that they have now managed to introduce categories at GAY Award shows where vagina scenes are also nominated. I’m curious to see how many of the “self-absorbed narcissistic hypocrites” appear with their partners (women) on the “red charpet”.

  4. Markus’ further decline into looking AWFUL.

    And when these guys are winning awards, you just know that the awards mean nothing.

  5. I have to say Lucy Hart you do not look good at all and you should have never changed the way you looked before seen your x profile really bad. Markus Kage you do not look good now with that beard please stay out of gay porn.

  6. Jacob Diaz seems like a very toxic individual and of course he’s MAGA-ish with MAGA-ish opinions. He didn’t hack it in porn but there are plenty of guys that are because they’re compelling and engage with their fans, something he never did.

    Markus definitely does not look great. Jesse, however, still does. Gorgeous and seems like a sweetheart. Quite a contrast between the two across the board.

    Glad to see performers doing a better job of calling out predators and protecting one another and hope that continues through 2024.

    Brian seems like a pretty self-aware guy and hope he follows through on taking a break and putting his health and happiness first, and hope Jarrett keeps up the sobriety this time; it’s been a roller coaster with him, but I think I speak for everyone that we hope he can find peace and health.

    Heart goes out to Damien Kyle re: his dad…he’s a pretty detestable person, but that’s still a terrible thing for even bad people to go through. Maybe he’ll gain perspective and empathy from it.

    1. Jacob is in great shape , I can’t believe how muscular he’s gotten. It really is incredible to watch his growth. I don’t think he’s doing adult entertainment anymore but who cares he still looks better then most models in the industry. He has more to offer the world then sexwork , very inspiring and shows you can come from the dark world of porn and turn your life around for the better bravo Jacob

  7. Rocky Vallarta: “Artists…”

    LOL! There are very few porn actors who could be categorized as artists. The best ones create a fantasy for their viewers. Most just ruin the illusion by behaving like trash and oversharing on twitter.

  8. Jacob Diaz- “I don’t give a fuck anymore, but I care enough to post about not caring when Irwalized people didn’t care when I pretended I didn’t care”
    Josh, Josh Joshy…..if you had only done onlyfans with that face of yours, you would have to start refunding people when they see your face is as vile as your personality.
    Wasn’t Jesse Colter at deaths door with an inoperable brain tumor a while back? Started a gofundme to pay for some wild treatment? I guess when people realized they had been scammed he shut that down

    1. Jacob is a shining star his muscular physique is undeniable. He is ahead of the pack not just in the industry but men in general in all walks of life

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