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92 thoughts on “Not bisexual: Dylan Tides “Nope, FTM men are men.”

  1. The cognitive dissonance is strong with this one.

    We sure do live in a interesting era, don’t we? In the past, only “straight” men inhaled copious amounts of copium trying to pass their wild adventures into cock land as true and honest straight behaviou, but now the “gays” are into something similar as well!

    But then again, the guy works on Legrand Wolf’s totally true and honest gay porn site, so this kind of statement is to be expected. This is more a case of $elective blindne$$ than anything else, really.

  2. If ur eating pussy ur sticking ur tongue and making out w a down a females VAGINA!! IDgaf what ur stupid brainwashed mindset tells u to say ur eating and fucking a woman’s VAGINA! Im not nor ever am PC so fuck u morons who will tell me im a “transphobic” or “bigot”….u can fuck urself.

  3. Nope. There’s nothing homosexual about what he’s doing. I’m for one am sick of this push that these bisexual men in gay porn are trying to bully and push amongst gay men. We are homosexual. We’re attracted to the same sex and sex is defined by our genitals. Men have penises and women have vaginas. This man is engaging in heterosexual activity.

    Amazing how we were told that gay men just haven’t found the right woman or that how do we know if we don’t like it if we haven’t tried it yet. This was the homophobic tropes that we’re spat at us and we’ve been fighting it for decades if not longer. Now the same thing is being done by ones who’ve wiggled their way into our spaces. It’s beyond ridiculous.

  4. Like I said before. These performers lie to themselves and others. Oh look, I’m gay because I “only” appear in gay porn! Just because they don’t eat a woman’s vagina and then fuck her. What is the difference between vagina and vagina? I do not understand. Ok that FTM are men, but isn’t it noticeable that in such videos FTM are constantly being fucked in the vagina and being eaten and that the actors who do this all come from gay porn.? FTM have no ass. FTM don’t do anal. They are men but they are constantly being fucked in the pussy. Endless logic holes…

  5. I’m so tired of supposedly “gay men” telling me, an actual gay man, that a trans man is a man. If you believe that, then fine & I even respect their right to exist but what you will not do is tell me that i have to accept seeing this and calling “gay” & it being in gay circles such as gay porn. Hell to the NO! If you can stick your dick in a vagina, then your ass is not gay. You can deceive yourself up and down and all around but what you not gonna do is lie to me. If you can fuck a trans man, then you can fuck a woman too, because you’re putting your dick in a female body part that you wouldn’t be doing if you were really with an actual man. I’m just sick of people trying to twist things around and calling it “the truth”.

    And truth be told, I don’t know why a site like this covers this kind of porn, especially when the majority of people here have expressed that they don’t wanna see this. I’m sure they are Trans porn blogs and bisexual porn blogs out there, why does this have to be mixed in with gay porn? Im pretty sure porn with Transwomen isn’t covered in Straight porn blogs so why is it happening here and other gay porn blogs like Str8UpGayPorn? I’m tired of being told.”well if you don’t like it, then don’t watch it.” in spaces where I shouldn’t have to worry about shit like that in the first place. I’m tired of places like this insulting my intelligence & then telling me to get over it. Fuck all that.

    1. Well, first of all, Dylan Tides is not gay but bisexual. Definitely. He lies to himself and others. He probably had sex with girls when he was younger or lost his virginity to a woman. Only at some point he switched to man because he thought that was it. But fucking and eating vaginas in gay porn takes experience. And this have all these “gay” actors from back in the day. They just himself don’t want to admit it. In straight porn you hardly ever see FTM even though all the male pornstars constantly stick their cocks in vaginas, while in gay porn gays stick their cocks in vaginas instead of in FTM’s asses. Everything is just fooling consumers and people.
      Like a modern brainwashing or conversion therapy method in gay porn.

      1. Even FtMs hardly even shoot with FtMs themselves.

        It seems like “penis fetishism” is only bad when gay men engage in it.


    2. I think Legrand is trying to appeal to a broader audience with this content. Many so-called “straight men and women watch/enjoy gay porn. I guess if they see themselves (hetero) in these spaces, they will be more prone to subscribe, and if it’s a bundle, they may subscribe to gay and bi porn as well. I think he’s just marketing to expand his company’s reach. Legrand mentioned it several times before he launched these alternative sites (bi, trans, hetero).

  6. This only matters if you have a penis fetish (which is common in the gay community), otherwise a Trans-man looks completely like any other male model, sometimes even more “manly”. I don’t think it’s political, but people will go up and arms about their fetishes.

    1. BWAHAHAHA!!!!! The womanly hips, the tiny feet and hands, the helium/puberty voices, horrible mastectomy scars and the fact that 95% of them are no taller than 5’4. I say this with love. YOU ARE FUCKING DELUSIONAL!

      Wait a few years when they start going through rapids male pattern baldness because of all the T they take or the bone density/stooping issues because of the cocktail of drugs they are have to pump themselves with or not to mention the wall they crash into looks wise very quickly.

      The backlash on this shit is going to be huge when the lawsuits start and watch these “trans men are men” gays start to backpedal when the shit hits the fan. ROGD is real as is the alarming number of young girls that think they are gay boys who we autistic, and have major mental health co morbidities

      No trans women in women’s sports

      No trans men in gay porn.

      1. I mean… plenty of natural gay men (and straight men) have that stuff, so I don’t really know what you are talking about or trying to say… 😗🎶

        (I’ve also seen plenty of FTM that don’t as well)

    2. It’s definitely not political, it just comes from a lack of exposure to different things. The prevailing opinions on websites like this are always going to be close-minded because the majority of its readers are people who are not sexually active and either stick to their own social circle or don’t have one.
      I personally could take or leave penises, they add nothing to a guy’s appeal for me (not that vaginas do either).

      1. “It comes from a lack of exposure to different things” is just the politically correct way to say “they just didn’t found the right women yet”.

        Ah, the more things change, the more they stay the same…

        1. It’s actually a very gay thing to say; if more people were exposed to more of our differences, we wouldn’t have homophobia. Conservative thinking is rooted in ignorance. If you live in a bubble, frequenting a porn blog every day in lieu of social interaction, then you’ll only grow more and more offended as the rest of the world leaves you behind.

          1. There are multiple levels of irony in your comment.

            For one, wannabe social media “activists” and overly loud identitarian college kids are the most detached from reality types to ever exist, so much so that most people IRL loathe them due to how entitled and annoying they can be.

            Also, your view on conservatism is very shallow, because people’s aversion to difference can even grow if they’re exposed to certain kinds of experiences. This “people hate things because they’re ignorant” is a very naive, misguided view of reality.

            1. Hating transgender people (or gay people, or black people, or women) and hating a particular experience or personality (like the one you described) are not the same thing. The first is indeed based in ignorance, the second is compatibility. Conflating people and “things” like you’ve done is a likely consequence of spending one’s time watching people on screens rather than having meaningful relationships with them.

    3. Basic sexual orientation is not a fetish. Transmen aren’t male, which means they are outside the scope of male homosexuality; saying “I am a man” or injecting hormones to grow some hair don’t change this fact. It also doesn’t matter what they “look like”, any more than it matter what a 15-year old looks like to someone who is fundamentally not attracted to children.

      1. Trans men are men and trans women are women. 100%. They’re not “trans men” either….just men. That’s not arguable, at all. And anyone stupid enough to think penis=man is too stupid to have this convo.

        1. I really don’t understand what motivates you people to lie so flagrantly. Why would you assert your niche belief is some kind of peremptory and obvious truth when we can both see that the overwhelming majority of people do not have that concept of gender/sex…? The term ‘man’ denotes an adult human male, or somebody perceived to be one. Everyone can observe that this is how the term is used in common parlance, so please stop pretending like you don’t understand this. You’re not convincing anyone and only reinforcing the perception that you (and unfortunately LGB people by increasingly septic association) are ideological loons.

          At best, a transman may superficially imitate a male and be perceived to be a man by extension in certain contexts. They are still not males and will never have the authentic and unconditional claim to manhood that actual males do. You cannot will this reality away.

          1. Because it is the truth and this idea that because “a lot of people believe otherwise” somehow is a defense or justification of ignorance and of being wrong about something is the most hypocritical defense from the same gay men who feel they’re being invalidated and encroached upon….a lot of people believed very ignorant things about gay men in the past. A lot of people believed very ignorant things about various groups. They continue to.

            But because it butts up against what you want to believe and your chosen dogma, you choose this—hostility, and closed mindedness….zero ability to consider a different perspective that doesn’t agree with yours. That makes you a fucking moron. And you don’t even know the difference between sex and gender.

            Butttttttt, newsflash: What I said is true. Manhood is defined by more than a penis and womahood more than a vagina. That’s actually as elementary a concept as it gets.

            It’s actually amusing to watch dudes like you, whether gay or straight, women too, acting like guardians, like you’re a shield needing to defend your tribe from the spooky trans people. You’re so triggered by 1.8% of the population lol. Such a loser. I don’t care to convince you at all…that’s your problem you’ll have to reckon with going forward. Thankful that isn’t me.

            1. Now read your second second paragraph back to yourself.

              I don’t need to reckon with anything; it is very obvious through basic observation that the term/concept of a ‘man’ denotes an adult human male in common parlance (and males don’t have vaginas). I really don’t know why you’re trying to argue this point.

              There is no miscommunication here: people don’t think of keyboards, birds or vaginas when they hear the term ‘man’, they think of an adult human male because that is what the concept of a man denotes. I know you know this.

          2. Under your logic, if a man had an accident and lost his genitalia they would cease to be a man. Or a man who has lost a testicle is “partially” man. Of course that is ridiculous, right? So if a penis does not define a man then what does it? Genes? (There are phenotypical women with XY chromosomes). Gender is not a “nature’s given” absolute, and there is no such thing as “normal” in nature –only difference. Gender is a construction and different societies have defined what is “man” and “woman” as well as multiple other genders that do not fit into that description in many different ways. If you are attracted to someone because of their (ostensibly culturally) male characteristics, then you can define yourself as someone who is into that person’s male-ness. And you may not be attracted towards another person’s female-ness.

            1. It is generally difficult/impossible to define what a concept is in a watertight way, but it is simple to define what it isn’t. For instance, a person born with a vagina (or the female reproductive system more generally) is not a male. If you are a male who is aroused by and knowingly pursues intimacy with non-males then I don’t consider you to be gay.

              There is nothing wrong with being an androphilic bisexual, but you are conceptually distinct to gay men.

              1. Ignore this one (February 21, 2024 at 5:00 am). It didn’t appear at first and I resubmitted with a better response.

            2. The “lost penis” counterargument is a straw man. Like all concepts, there are a number of things that collectively determine what something is or, crucially, isn’t.

              For instance, the concept of a human ‘male’ includes those who have XY chromosomes and were born with the male reproductive system. The concept excludes those who were born with the female reproductive system. Add enough qualifying or disqualifying criteria and a coherent and mutually understood concept of ‘male’ and ‘non-male’ can be formed that describes billions of people.

              If you are a male who is aroused by and knowingly pursues intimacy with non-males, then I don’t consider you to be gay. There is nothing wrong with being an androphilic bisexual, but that is conceptually distinct to homosexuality.

      2. I got to be honest with you, “as someone not attracted to children”, a large part of that is not looking like a child. The moral side of me is that they are over 18, but the sexual side of me is that they don’t look hot. I mean, I feel like the other side to your argument is that the second they turn 18 they look hot, and all the power for that, they are legal, but “barely legal” isn’t one of my niches. They are going to need more than that and at least look like the graduated college (or are older than 21, if not much more).

        Now whatever you decide to determine as “basic” is one thing, but I obviously don’t share that with you.

    4. The FtM featured in this post kind of undermines your point with their female breasts exposed for everyone to see.

      Also, “genital fetish” is an oxymoron.

      If anything, the whole concept of “guys with vaginas” and “chicks with dicks” that’s the fetish here.

    5. Hold up, a penis fetish? Ummm we’re gay BECAUSE WE MEN WHO HAVE DICKS FUCKING EACH OTHER!!! MFers like you coming up in here trying to make being gay like it’s twisted and weird because of a dick, fuck that! Penises matter in these spaces, stop trying to rewrite what sexuality is! You got us all fucked up with that bullshit for real. I can’t with this, I just can’t!

      1. Maybe you should just try harder and judge less (Like when did I say it was an insult, lol). Penises definitely can be a fetish like like Straight Guys can have a boob fetish. It doesn’t mean you aren’t into penises or repulsed by them if you don’t have it, it just means there are other things guys have that turn you on much more. It ain’t really that complicated.

        Maybe it’s offensive to you, I don’t really care. I don’t know, I think if a glory hole porn turns you on and it’s not for the anonymousness or the publicity of it all you might have a penis fetish. If the number 1 thing about your boyfriend is the size of his penis or if it’s cut or uncut, you might have a fetish. I don’t know, consider it! Expand your mind, like a Nova Star would, lol

  7. The hatred for our community under attack is strong in this thread. It is frightening. Some men have vaginas. I met them. Just sad when our community tries eat itself.

    1. The thing is…where is the respect for a male, who identifies as a male and has a penis?

      The disrespect towards biologically male gay men is extreme, but no one is allowed to talk about it, without being branded transphobic.

    2. Hmmm… “some men have “a vagina”” or do they now multiply??? You either have a hole or a pole. Hole = female, pole = male.

    3. It’s been growing alongside with the Republican Panic. I guess it’s not surprising how easily we all can get distracted… but at least I can say, this is more the online community in my experience, and more specifically on porn blogs where I can only hope people are more thinking with their dicks, and not a representation of their greater politics. (Plus the web is international, I’m sure some of these people don’t even have gay marriage rights yet)

  8. I mean, he’s right. That’s why I am not a fan of the terms “trans men” and “trans women”. They’re just men/women. There’s no need for a disclaimer, in everyday life. That’s matter-of-fact. And ironic seeing people claim their intelligence is being insulted when it doesn’t appear they have much of it….at least on this topic.

    People on this site feel (and that’s all it is, an opinion) differently…they invalidate the identity of transgender people. It’s pretty revolting to me too like Ariel said, but I don’t bother with these people anymore because to be brutally frank, they’re irrelevant. What is relevant is that trans people are facing endless attacks and anyone from a human perspective should empathize with that. Instead we see othering because wretched people dehumanize the existence of trans folks.

    In a porn context….I’m not a fan of FTM porn myself, it doesn’t do anything for me. The way I see it is that it should all have it’s own category….I think gay porn has the expectation of being cis gay men having sex with cis gay men. That’s what the audience wants and fundamentally at its core what gay porn is. But there are many who want to see trans porn….of course those people should have sites that serve them. Attaching it to cis porn sites will always engender negative responses and to me is a disservice to trans performers.

    For me trans porn, bi porn, should be separate from gay porn, but not in a separate but equal way. I think now, these categories are using gay porn for their own promotive value. We’re seeing it a little more on the straight side as well….straight porn being used to kinda uplift and increase the visibility and value of trans porn. I don’t think that’s an organic way to do so and I think it does a disservice.

    What we need are more sites made for/by trans people, for trans people and those into trans porn. Kinda like what Wolf Hudson does. Bi performances for/by bi people/a bi person. That’s how you build a platform and create organic growth and give new performers shine without extra stigma.

    1. That’s some nice cognitive dissonance you have there.

      FtMs and MtF are just true and honest men and women, there’s no need for disclaimers… except in porn, it seems.

      They’re just men and women until they aren’t.

      How riveting!

      1. Because in porn we’re dealing with sexual attractive and tastes and most gay men are turned off by vaginas and most straight men are turned off by penises. Not all of them are but obviously the overwhelming majority I’d say are. So…yeah, it is a bit different in porn, but just because people have tastes does not invalidate one’s humanity.

        Sexuality (not sexual identity but sexuality itself, attraction/etc) is but one of aspect of one’s being. People have their tastes. People have their likes and dislikes. People should be shamed for those tastes as long as they’re not rooted in bigotry and not being sexually stimulated by/turned off from vagina if you’re a gay man isn’t transphobic.

        OTOH, transphobia makes less than zero logical sense. I don’t even know what you weirdos are defending. 1.8% of society has you all in such a tizzy.

          1. You said porn was “nothing more than a fleeting hobby” for you and yet you are commenting on every single topic, every single day.
            Why are you still here? Please go away.

            1. Because it annoys freaks like you who live lives vicariously through porn since you can’t have sex with real humans. Because you’re triggered by different opinions too lol.

              I come on here maybe once every two days and for like 5 minutes lol I get this is your life, but it ain’t mine. Not that it’s something to be ashamed of. It’s how mediocre and cruel in every single way you and you losers are that is.

        1. Again, you’re trying way too hard to mask your own cognitive dissonance here.

          The people who advocate for complete and utter abolishment of separate categories for trans and “cis” content are more consistent in their logic than you’re being here.

          Don’t get me wrong: they’re still being stupid, but at least their stupidity has some internal logical consistency.

          If FtMs and MtFs are just men and women respectively, then why distinguish between them in porn? It’s almost like people have two eyes and can easily see that’s not the case, but what do I know?

          1. You don’t know much at all but you think you do.

            No different than the categorization of plenty of other different tastes and fetishes and body types. Different body types are normal. That doesn’t make them any less of men. It’s diversity. But when you’re a stupid person, when you’re someone unable to look beyond a primitive and provinicial world view….when you’re unable to deal with anything outside of a blinkered perspective….you end up becoming you. And that’s a pretty shitty thing to be.

            1. No amount of moral grandstanding will make up for the cognitive dissonance you’re displaying here.

              You’re not even engaging with the main point of our discussion anymore, just throwing random shit at the wall and trying to see what sticks.

              Also, your personal jabs at me are just… pathetic. It comes from a place of desperation and lack of actual arguments.

              That’s what you always do: when you’re cornered, no matter at what topic, you resort to personal cheap personal attacks and baseless accusations of bigotry, sinking as low as to throwing homophobic slurs around like candy. It’s always like this.

              For as much as you accuse me of being detached from reality, you sure don’t notice how this is peak terminally online behavior.

              1. There is no argument here lol that’s the point.

                Trans men are men. Trans women are women. It is in fact incredibly simple. You say I engage in peak terminally online behavior but you keep responding to me and I’m on here about 10 minutes a day while you comment on every post…but that’s neither here nor there. That’s not the issue. Your issue with trans people is.

                Figure it out. It’s actually pretty weird.

                1. Trans people don’t exist to the gays in this comment section. Funnily enough, it wasn’t so long ago that gay men and women didn’t exist either, or at least they weren’t considered people in most circles of society. I guess we should just slide back into the draconian era of the 50s and beyond, before the lavender scare when gays and queers weren’t an issue, like all the good ol boys today want us to do. Things must’ve been better then I suppose.

          2. I got to be honest, I don’t really care about “cis” and “trans” label issues. It doesn’t bother me to see someone else playing with a doll or going to an all genders bathroom.

            My own gender occupies almost 0% of my daily thought, so it does feel like obsession whenever conservatives go off on this issue that has been there since really the beginning of the modern LGBT movement (I mean, it’s in the title! before the “I,A”, before we even started putting the “Q”.) So the idea people make a stink of it now that you got people on faux news making a stink of it, makes it sound like the same agenda that use to be used on gays barely over a decade ago.

            And that’s the reason I care about this topic really, is because I see it as the obvious trap that will immediately redirect to the gays after the trans people get “shut up”. I think you are lying to yourself if you say otherwise because all those tolerant people you know or see that are saying “it’s only the trans people” will get easily manipulated into hating the next thing. (I mean, it’s not the first rodeo)

        2. He’s someone who, ever since he started writing in this blog, has repeatedly written about how gay he is, that none of this is supposedly for him, regardless of whether it’s bi, trans, FTM, straight men in gay porn, women in gay porn, gays who fuck pussies and much more . But when such articles appear he writes arias about bisex, trans, FTM, fluid sexuality, pan or sexual activity. He never talks about gay, just about it. That should make you think about who he really is and which side he is on.

          1. I don’t do sides. I love all members of my community….well, I love all the letters. Not all the members. Some of em don’t deserve so much affinity. Kinda like you.

            There are no sides. I love all the letters, all the diversity, our community has to offer. I actually respect my trans brothers and sisters. I love them. You don’t have the…humanity to do so, and it makes you a scumbag. There really is nothing more to it than that.

            I don’t have to like FTM porn to not invalidate the identity of trans men, to not believe that they’re capable of beauty and sexual desire. It’s just not my thing, personally. But that’s the difference between me, and simpletons like you. You’re wretched and you’re stupid. I’m not. I can have a personal opinion and not subject that to others. You can’t because you’re not intelligent enough to look beyond yourself and think critically. You’re an idiot who types paragraphs on porn blogs. You’re a loser dude lol.

            1. And people like you always show their TRUE face. As soon as you are cornered you start constantly insulting people because you can no longer move forward. It is FACT that you are neither gay but a queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid activist/ideologist who loves to defend these things in gay porn and are definitely one of those who WANT such things to be shown permanently and even more in gay porn . Especially with gay actors. You are not a critic, you are an ACTIVIST! ACTIVIST for everyone but NOT gay in gayporn!

            2. Wow!

              “I can have a personal opinion and not subject that to others.”

              All of your posts are evidence that this statement is wildly false.

              1. Your opinions are in fact inflammatory and your opinions are in fact causing harm, your opinions are being projected into action in real life….you all go out of your way to be hateful scumbags, and since I’m not one, I view you with the level of disgust that anyone with a modicum of empathy and compassion….honestly, not even that. Basic humanity. If you’re not capable of it, than….yeah. I’m simply treating you the way you all treat others and you can’t deal with it.

                Be less of a piece of shit going forward. Figure it out. Transphobes are weird people.

          1. I don’t come here for any of y’all lol I don’t know you nor would I want to, nor would I ever in real life. Don’t be so arrogant.

              1. Knowing that I do and you all resort to negging comments of mine even if you agree with my opinions just because it’s me is comical. That’s the behavior of a toddler. And since you’re not toddlers….yeah. Freaks.

                It’s not about me. It’s about you.

        3. So Trans Men are men, you’re attracted to men but not to trans men? But aren’t trans men, men? Because you say you’re turned off by vaginas, but you won’t find a vagina on a biological man. So if you won’t find a vagina on a biological men and trans men are men, that means you’re not attracted by men, just by penises?

    2. I mean, I agree with you. I don’t think it has to be its own site, but it probably is better off being in one. I mean, we aren’t going to suddenly get lesbian porn on gay sites and call that as “gay porn”. That said, it should at least be considered a category that we can sort in or out of our searches.

      I think some people like me don’t really care as long as the FTM guy is hot enough, but for some people FTM is their fetish as well. So it should be just as easy to search and be labeled like any other aspect of the gay community. I mean sorry, IDK, just because someone is labeled a Wolf or an Otter doesn’t mean we are suddenly saying they are no longer human either. We’re just making it easier to find what we want or not in porn.

      1. Somehow variety in body types/etc. becomes an issue when it’s trans men. We all know why that is. It’s not something people think twice about/it’s something people endorse in other ways.

        They’re transphobic and I’m not letting them off the hook for it.

  9. And let’s get past the FTM shit for a second, Dylan Tides is a boring performer. He’s versatile but he’s the worst kind of verse to me. He’s either a total top in films and he doesn’t suck dick or he sucks dick as a bottom but the tops he’s with ignore his dick like he’s a woman. Theres no balance with his performances regarding, especially when it comes to dick, so that makes me go “ugh” & “bleh” to him.

  10. I’m totally stunned by all these comments … they could be written by conservative, racists, fascists etc … exactly the same people taking down our rights in supposes democracies. What is a man or woman ? Just a social construction based on supremacism and domination.

    You are just – and I’m sorry to write it toward people supposed to belong to my own community – disgusting putting shame on human beings living their own experiences.

    I should just give an advice : shut your big mouth and put flowers on Stonewall activists Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P Johnson.

    As Silvia said ‘ Y’all better quiet down. I’ve been trying to get up here all day for your gay brothers and your gay sisters in jail that write me every motherfucking week and ask for your help and you all don’t do a goddamn thing for them. Have you ever been beaten up and raped and jailed? Now think about it. They’ve been beaten up and raped after they’ve had to spend much of their money in jail … and try to get their sex changes. The women have tried to fight for their sex changes or to become women. On the women’s liberation and they write ‘STAR,’ not to the women’s groups, they do not write women, they do not write men, they write ‘STAR’ because we’re trying to do something for them (NYC 1973).

    Nothing changed always the same shit …

    1. I AM definitely NOT surprised. The fact of the matter is that MAGAts, as well as the GOP, think, believe, KNOW that anyone who is a member of the LGBTQIA2SPlus Community is a groomer, a pedophile, and would love nothing more than to exterminate the whole lot of us. They count on us to be divisive against ourselves. And we play right into it. Some of these broad-minded commenters are no better than the white, heterosexual, christian, male republiKKKans. So, all this transphobic hate does not surprise me one little bit.

  11. Dylan Tides told me in DMs months ago that he wants to fuck a woman on camera and that everyone is bisexual.

    He’s a snake and an agenda pusher

    1. Of course he does that. He lies like Mateo Thomas, Derek Kage, Trevor Brooks and many others who want to see themselves on the gay spectrum. As do many commenters here on this blog or out there. But they have seen through it, the masks have long since fallen off, and they know that, which is why they are all so aggressive. Their reputation is permanently damaged.
      And they all want to belong to the “queer” movement at the same time because they are all so tolerant. But they all want to “simply change the polarity of sexualities.” From gay to queer. Nobody just wants to admit it. They prefer to distort the facts and portray themselves as victims and gays as “bi/trans/ftm/pan/fluid phobic”. That’s the easiest way for them to talk their way out of it. But they don’t realize that this puts them permanently on a “blacklist” among gay fans.

    1. It should be the most simplest thing to ask for in gay porn yet we can’t even get that much. Then when we raise our voices and say we don’t want to see vagina, we’re labeled as Transphobes. The one place where genitals matter the most is in porn & if anyone says otherwise, they’re a liar, pure & simple. This doesn’t deny a trans person’s right to exist, it’s just wanting to see what you expect to see in porn such as gay porn & that’s penises. No more, no less.

      1. If you don’t want to see vagina, DON’T WATCH IT. You don’t speak for all the consumers of gay porn. Some gay men (and yes even some women) don’t mind a vagina, It’s a fantasy for some. Just like any other form of media the tastes are varied.

  12. FTM’s might be “men” in almost every way but the one thing they are lacking that as a gay man I desire in another man is a penis. So I personally am not into trans men. Does that make me transphobic? Not in my view. But some would say that it is transphobic. They are wrong. If I did not accept and beleive trans individuals have the right to live free of discrimination, and actively tragetted them for discrimination then I would be transphobic.

    1. They aren’t men in any way. They are biological females, with xx chromosomes.
      It doesn’t matter how well some of them can “pass”, they will always be biologically female.
      No one can change their biological sex. Period.

      These people are mentally disturbed women larping as gay men, to fulfill some sort of weird yaoi conversion fantasy. The men who are fucking them, while insisting they are gay, should be looked into.

  13. Scenes in which guys have sex with shemales or trans women with penises are considered as “straight” scenes according to IAFD, so this is very confusing.

  14. I don’t know why makes FTM scenes with men with pussy or bisexual scenes, both don’t matter and it doesn’t make gays horny, after all we only want to see guys fucking guys

  15. does FTM scenes with men with pussy or bisexual scenes, both don’t matter and aren’t horny for us gays, we only want to see guys fucking guys

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