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22 thoughts on “Released after two years: Shy Montana and Sir Peter

  1. Sir peter from what i gather here is an ignoramus and perhaps a jooooo hater. Anyone siding w lying scumbag islamists/hamas…who btw will not hesitate at throwing gays off of top of highest building…r pathetic ignorant ppl. I could be reading sir peter wrong but thats what im understanding. And if i get confirmation of this i will delete my sir peter library. I HATE HATE ignorant leftists. If im reading him wrong ill be first to apologize but thats what i gather.

    1. I like how none of u leftist lunatics stupid morally depraved brainwashed dumb stupid leftists will challenge anything i post. U r a pathetic ppl.

  2. Everyone hates everyone now. Some are not better than others. The only problem is, and I see this here in this blog especially in numerous other comments, that if you take part in the hate yourself, you are no better than the others you accuse. Neither myself (I can at least reflect on myself), nor everyone else and not YOU either.

    1. Its quite simple actually…. u raid a peoples, behead babies, rape women AND men and take a gun and shoot women in their vags taking their lives or permanently disabling them if they live….its easy to know whose side is evil and which is just defending themselves.

      1. Wow u ppl thumbs downing this post shows u r garbage ppl most likely lunatic leftists w totalitarian tendencies that if we dont c things as u want …we, ur opposition must be quelled. Ur pathetic human beings

          1. Oh like we r Graded on this. U r a dumazz. Get over ur apparent intellectual superiority. U leftists r pseudo intellects

            1. We are reading what you’re writing. Gibberish, rants, grunts, misspellings and all. It doesn’t take a genius to see that you have a screw loose. Trump, is that you?

  3. The key, Sir Peter…keep your trap shut.

    All any of these do by replying and arguing publicly with people they don’t even let, is that they come across (or sometimes expose themselves) as being just horrible.

  4. Why is that if one expresses their support of the Palestinian people, and the scorched earth policy of Isreal towards the left bank, they are immediately put into the go to box of being an antisemite? Btw, the scene is ultra hot!

    1. It’s a one-sided problem. Of course everyone sees the suffering of Palestine and the injustice that happens to innocent people in such false reaktions. But no one talked about the terror or is still talking about what happened to Israel befor. For no reason, thousands of women, children and old people were cruelly slaughtered, raped and tortured in the most cruel way. And numerous hostages were taken. But no one talks about this anymore from these “free” speakers! And that’s exactly the bad thing about it. They are no better than those who are now accusing them and want to deny their rights!
      They undermine everything that has happened before and talk one-sidedly. And it is precisely such “statements” that come across as anti-Semitic because they only see one side and take sides. They are not neutral but are themselves hateful!

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