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18 thoughts on “Top to bottom: Alberth Pineda

  1. It’s not the first time Alberth has let himself be fucked. On OF Videos he has already let the big-cocked Andolini XL fuck him. Damn hot scene. Better than studio work. Alberth is not only a well-hung top stallion, he also likes to be fucked by big cocks himself.
    A horny pig, Alberth.

    1. Wow i actually thumbed up ur comment for once. I wasnt aware he bottomed which i dont care to see but i didnt know.

    2. I really wonder if some people who comment here actually know about gay sex or gay porn or sex in general or are just being stupid. It’s natural that when you have a big, thick cock in your ass, the hole widens. This is no different for men than for women. If you had a big, thick cock in your vagina, they would also be temporarily dilated. Exactly the same thing happens with the “fisting” fetish. Everything expands when something big gets into something narrow. This is natural biology. People shouldn’t act like they don’t know anything about sex or are disgusted by porn images. Then people, please don’t won’t watch porn anymore!

  2. And since he’s does both, it would be really great if he would suck the bottom’s dick when he tops on TimTales & FuckerMate. There’s not enough head swapping, if any, on those sites and that needs to change like yesterday.

  3. Gay gaping holes are so hot. Love seeing a hole destroyed. We need more of this in gay porn! Straight porn has so much of this so I guess straight guys love this more than us.

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