Round-up: Adam Archuleta, Chris White, and Axel Rockham

Some members of Belami Online are not fans of Adam Archuleta as the interviewer for the newbies.

For those of you who don’t want to see Adam…you can just forward to when the action starts.

Chris White does live cam shows with his real-life boyfriend at Chaturbate [room].

My boyfriend is Travis aka TravChad (we don’t get it either). We are just a bunch of hypersexual stoner dudes who love to play video games and have a good time with our dicks out

Axel Rockham, known for his scenes at Sean Cody, is the latest update at Kristen Bjorn in a threesome with Magnus Loki and Lucio Saints.

Axel is 5’11” at Sean Cody, but he is 6’2″ at Kristen Bjorn. Who measured him right?

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8 thoughts on “Round-up: Adam Archuleta, Chris White, and Axel Rockham

    1. I don’t get it, either. It seems that when BA models (especially Jerome) show up in “behind the camera” roles it bothers some viewers. But Adam? True, he’s pretty cocky, and was annoying back in the POV phase where he fucked while holding a camera. But he’s gorgeous, fun-loving, hung, and a wonderful top. Oh, and epic cumshots.

    2. I agree. I like him as an interviewer. He is funny and personal. And as far as I can see he gets the models to feel at ease in the interviews.

  1. Am I the only one who thinks that Axel Rockham is boring? All his scenes lack whatever it is that makes my dick hard. Does he even suck dick? He’s like a brown-skinned version of Malik Delgaty.

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