1. John

    You sure that’s him? He looks so methy

  2. C.A.

    It amazes me how many refugees and asylum seekers from Gayhoopla and those other abusive sites under the same umbrella, what lengths they will go too, to never go back to La El. That guy has dome some serious damage to those models. I can’t wait for the “Surviving La El: True accounts from the models who escaped his sex traffic ring”. I wonder if Diddy used them when was in Scottsdale. They could’ve been trafficed acroos state lines to Las Vegas and Cali.

  3. simp

    Sad to see him looking so haggard now, quite liked him when he first came into the industry, despite the site he was working for.

  4. jim

    When I first saw this, I thought it said Back in action Enrico Vega – almost fell off my chair. There was something about Enrico that made him so fucking hot. Fantastic cock sucker, a huge dick that he pounded into willing asses, he even bottomed and looked amazing getting fucked too!

    • Mark B

      It can’t be a coincidence that GH/BGF/HGF has models so similar to other models. Blake Michaels is another example.

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