More than once: James Cassidy and Bryce Jax

Two porn studios released a scene today with James Cassidy and Bryce Jax.

The first one was Guys in Sweatpants.

The second one was Cade Maddox.

It was Corbin Fisher who was first to pair the boyfriends in a scene as Calan and Bryce.


  1. logogay

    Luckily, there are still REALLY gay couples who ONLY fuck GAY and don’t fuck everything together or separately like some “crossover” or “fake couples” who are currently spreading the “incredibility” of their “alleged” relationship in gay porn and gay networks!
    Both of them are hot and fit together. If they can mix personal and professional life and are excited about what you do, then it’s ok.

    • Pavel Ford

      Agreed ! These 2 guys can generate real heat…. Nothing faked here.

  2. McM.

    Does this mean they’re out of Corbin Fisher?

    CF is one of the few studios with a majority “exclusive” roster of men. Like you don’t see Barron, Eli, or Rocky anywhere else. Damian Night filmed with other studios while at CF – or it appeared so and his later scenes were yet unreleased – but he hasn’t been invited back.

    • sdsr

      Agree. I’ve rather gone off Cade Maddox, most of whose scenes look exactly the same, but the three of them together make for a much better scene than usual, breaking out of Cade’s routine; it’s nice when they put their faces together so that Cade can cum in their eager mouths.

  3. CV

    They just had a hot scene with Austin Wilde at Guysinsweatpants. James got fucked by both of them.

  4. Pssuucl

    All American boys in their physical prime exploring. What’s not to like?

  5. Edie

    The scene with Cade is hot. Obviously Cade is more into Calan than Bryce from the way the kiss.

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