• SteveO

      Very sad, died at the scene of the accident in a head on collision with a van riding his motorcycle. Even worse he was riding way too fast and it was his fault. I feel for his young son who will never know his dad and had no life insurance. Real shame

        • Bert

          I envision the “van riding his motorcycle.” I’m not sure how that is done, but okay.

  1. Padresfan

    Very sad 🙁 I liked him, although he only did a few movies. For sure he was G4P but still very lucky we had him.

  2. Jktooo

    Very sad. A couple years ago Jake adams, str8 but super hot PS, also lost his life in a motorcycle accident. That was sad too he was beautiful and as i understand dante colle intro’d him to motorcycles and once he got hooked he was riding all the time. I never saw dante respond to the death so wonder why. Perhaps i missed it but they were good friends, traveled together and stuff. I guess just be careful if u ride motorcycles.

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