Connor Kline is proud to be gay

You all know by now that Connor Kline used to work for Sean Cody as Brice. He just gave an interview with James, blog owner of What The World Does Not Need (now gone).

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He replied “I am definitely gay! I feel so much more comfortable being pushed around and submissive than anything, and I am always horny! Ask my boyfriend!” to the question “How would you describe your sexuality? Gay? Bi? Straight? Horny?

For those who were curious about his experience at Sean Cody, it was included in the interview.

You did a few scenes with Sean Cody. You bottomed in all of them. Do you prefer bottoming? All your SC scenes are great to look at. Were they fun to film?

It’s funny because when I showed up to Sean Cody they thought I was a top. Anyone who knows me knows that’s not true. LOL. Honestly, the staff was great, but it was very difficult working with straight guys. Many scenes were trashed because they couldn’t perform sexually. One guy had never even kissed a dude before and I was his first everything! Kinda weird I thought. I never met a single gay guy that I shot with on that site.


Why did you leave SC?

I left Sean Cody for multiple reasons. I wasn’t comfortable barebacking anymore, the scenes weren’t fun to shoot, and my back tattoo caused some problems.

You said you were uncomfortable with filming bareback scenes. Are you finished doing that type pf work? Do you think models get pressure from companies and/or fans to go condom-less?

After awhile, my boyfriend and I decided neither of us were comfortable with me shooting bareback with anyone other then ourselves. We haven’t since we made that decision. I don’t think companies pressure us to do it; it’s our own decision, but I do think I was very naïve filming without a condom.

The boyfriend’s name is Casey Tanner. The two will have a scene released by Helix Studios.

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MARKETING PLOY? I received an email from Tim inquiring about the “real” status of the relationship between Casey and Connor. Are they really lovers?

Long time reader, first time emailer here. I would like to know if you could find out anymore information about Helix Studios’ “Connor Kline” and his boyfriend Casey Tanner. I would like to know if they’re actually dating or if its just a marketing ploy for the studio to have an actual stud in their ranks.