46 thoughts on “Hudson of Sean Cody was arrested for sexual assault of a child (tip @ GoGo)

  1. The height is clearly a misprint. It should probably read 5′ 8″. His real name is very easy to find. There is a short weightlifting video of him on YouTube. He is clearly not 6′ 8″ in the video. To be fair to the porn industry at least, he never did an actual gay sex scene only solos. What a creep. Couldn’t find the specifics on the charges but if it is what I think it is, he deserves a long prison sentence. The whole story comes across as another ‘roided out sexual aggression case.

  2. whoa. you know its just always wild to hear about these stories in general. but its even wilder to me that such a hansom guy would do something like. why. no other answer than fucked up head stuff.

  3. Well, with any luck he’ll burn in the fires of Hell, like all sickening paedophiles should.
    I’m the first admit that porn stars are fucked up…drink, drugs and even battery, but raping a CHILD?

  4. For one Studio – Sean Cody certainly seems to have a lot of models on its roster with a lot of problems… Murder , Extortion, The Noel High School saga & now this… someone above mentioned “Roids” and its clearly evident that a lot of the models are using them.. significant amounts of acne on the back, bloated faces’ and significant muscle gain in a relatively short space of time is not a regular thing… but the worrying thing for me is that lets say Sean Cody’s claim of 9/10 of their models identify as hetrosexual is true (which I’m sure its not) then basically you have people who are so pathological about obtaining money that they are willing to do anything for to get it… ( America is one of the wealthiest nations on Earth.. the land of opportunities ) so its worrying that they should choose to make a few bucks at SC doing very intimate stuff with other guys then slipping back into their regular lives. -Its bound to get very complicated. Now don’t get me wrong we all have problems and are broken in some way but there seems to be a lot of issues with the guys at that particular studio and i have a feeling we are going to hear more in the near future

  5. Don’t put this on SC at all. To do so is ridiculous and stupid. Notice that the shit that these guys pulled happened long after they were at SC. And the Noel thing doesn’t count as no one did anything criminal involving that.

  6. That charge does not seem like it could have been anything like him having an underage lover so I would be curious to view his charging papers to know more, before passing judgement. But guys charged with that kind of crime are targeted in jail for violence because child molesters are persona non grata in prison and jail.

  7. How many years does he have to spend in prison for this? And how much is the bail? This guy is the first one I know in porn who’s hit the 10/10 mark on my scale and now this. Haha.

  8. Whoa this is shocking but like someone else said we need to wait for more details because this could be a situation of having consensual sex with an underage person who as not 18 yo…if the person is under the age of 17 yo then he is a sick person…this also goes to show just because we see these guys jacking off and fucking on video we don’t know then personally…they just want money and most of them will lie, cheat and steal to get it…I think any straight guy having sex with a man for money is suspected to do anything why not just do straight porn.

  9. I’ve said it before, I will say it again. I hate it when my porn stars come to life in the news. It’s usually for something bad.

  10. Just read the court case. He had sex with someone under the age of 14 and he took a plea deal for a lesser charge of injury to a child. Don’t know why someone as attractive as him needs to go trolling for kiddies, but good looks don’t mean good morals.

  11. I think there should be a separate label for guys who only do solos.
    For me, that’s not ‘porn’ and it’s certainly not ‘gay’, even though it’s marketed at dudes. Everybody jacks off.
    Also, until I know the exact details of the crime, I’m withholding judgement. It’s one thing for that crazy woman in Texas and her boyfriend (who are straight, white, and affluent, by the way) to systematically stalk infants and young children so they can molest them but a completely different story for a guy in his 20s to have sex with someone who’s 15 or 16. Am I condoning the latter? Not necessarily, but it’s not at all the same scenario and shouldn’t be viewed the same.

  12. If a mother proudly encouraging her newly turned 18 year old hetrosexual son to fly across the country to engage in bareback gay porn isn’t concerning to you then you must live in another planet !
    I’m not blaming SC directly but I wonder what care or after care they have for their models. I’m certain there are alot of problems for these guys after they do porn.

  13. To assert that Sean Cody has more problems than the other studios is absurd. It betrays a lack of knowledge of the gay porn industry. Just do a little research online and you will find hundreds of porn performers who have been arrested for a variety of charges. If anything, the newer “white bread” studios like SC, Corbin Fisher, Randy Blue, etc. have done considerably better than porn studios in the past at avoiding these types. However, as viewers of porn we all have to understand that at its heart porn is a sleazy business and always has been. Who else with fairly rare exception would have sex on film or tape for the whole world to see? It is ultimately for most people demeaning to make public our most intimate act, sex. Fortunately in the real world there are people by nature or by circumstance willing to get paid to do what we want to see in our porn. It is a conundrum indeed.
    As for the “9/10 straight” issue, first Sean Cody does not claim that they are straight. They simply record how the performers describe themselves. Second, every openly gay performer who has come out of Sean Cody has stated that the vast majority of the other performers they worked with were straight in their personal lives. Third, a couple of years ago when I had some time on my hands I decided to do some personal investigating about this issue. Actually, to my surprise the vast majority of the ones I investigated were clearly straight in their personal lives. Using the measure of “you are who you fuck for free”, they all seemed quite straight. It is telling that the most successful gay porn is largely performed by straight identified men. Bel Ami is the prime example. Are a few of these guys closet cases in complete denial? Most assuredly. But unless you are a mind reader we have to accept the face that they portray to the world. Perhaps it is no worse than the beauty queen standard in straight porn, the unattainable but attractive nonetheless ideal. It is a bit of a conundrum as I said before.

  14. Could you tell if the victim was male or female? From what I could get online it was not stated. I am assuming it was a young girl since his persona, online at least, is quite straight. Like you I am dumbfounded by these clearly attractive guys targeting young kids. Why, when he could have plenty of adult partners? Difficult to understand. 14 is not a case of a mistake or a nearly of age but not quite excuse.

  15. For upper middle class gay porn studios like Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher and BelAmi it is of the utmost importance to keep a healthy & clean image. That’s why their models are not allowed to have a Twitter account under their gay porn name. Models are usually not allowed to be interviewed by members of the gay porn press unless supervised by a PR guy from the studio. Anything negative must be avoided.
    These upper middle class gay porn studios find it increasingly difficult to find models that fit their image. There are several reasons for this. Gay porn does pay far less then 7 or 8 years ago and certainly much less than many viewers think. Social media has become very pervasive and anonimity is almost impossible for a gay porn model these days. Even BelAmi models have experienced this. BelAmi in the past convinced guys to do some scenes with the promise that their material would not be released in the Czech Republic. In the Internet Age this promise has become void.
    Because of bad pay and lack of anonimity a lot of guys who would have done gay porn in the past now shy away from it.
    I’m very curious about the question if Sean Cody KNEW anything about his models and closet case Republicans.

  16. Wouldn’t surprise me if people found this appealing. They seem to be attracted to murderers, drug addicts, diseased people, etc.

  17. I have to admit even though you always give my butt a kick and i don’t always agree with you.. you write some amazing things on blogs and always done in an eloquent way..

  18. No the records won’t disclose any information about a minor involved to protect them. I think it is fair to assume it is a female though given his reluctance to do any man on man videos. Based on the way the case went down I’d suspect that he had evidence to prove the child involved misrepresented their age either through texts or a dating profile. He probably met them on an adult dating app and went on to have multiple sexual encounters since there were multiple accounts of aggravated sexual assault. He took a plea deal and the multiple accounts of aggravated sexual assault and indecency with a child were dropped in favor of him pleading guilty to the injury to a child charge. The injury to a child charge was deemed reckless instead of intentional which collaborates with my assumption about the nature of how they met, but even then if he couldn’t tell if someone is under the age of 14 he may have problems of his own. He was sentenced to 5 years of deferred probation, which IMO is completely absurd for his crime, instead of jail time which for a second degree felony in Texas ranges from 2 to 20 years. His light punishment further corroborates my assumption that the child misrepresented their age. Deferred probation means the court had substantial evidence for a guilty verdict but decided to issue deferred probation. If he completes his probation then the conviction will go away and not appear on his record, but since it was a felony charge public records will always show what transpired. If he completes it he will not have to join a sex offender registry nor will it appear on standard background checks for jobs. He must be very well connected, his lawyer is the cat’s pajamas, or white male privilege is actually a thing.

  19. White privilege is a thing. Especially in TEXAS.
    I am also 99% certain that the victim was in deed a girl as he got off with such a lenient sentencing- because the same offer would not have been presented if it was a boy as, once again, it’s TEXAS!
    Texas was also the place were an underaged drunk white rich kid mowed down 5 people and was only sentenced to rehab at luxury clinic, while a black kid was sentenced for 10+ years or punching one guy that fell down a flight of stairs and died…………..Texas….Gotta love their justice system.

  20. It was most likely a female considering that he only got probation. Molestation of a little girl just isn’t as “controversial” or as “significant-” otherwise this would’ve gotten real media coverage- especially in Texas.
    Sad but true.

  21. Your evaluations are on the mark. I find the reference to “upper middle class gay porn” interesting, perhaps a bit specific but I understand what you’re trying to say. I refer to it now as mainstream porn since these studios have the bulk of subscribers on the net. I think we have seen the high point of this kind of porn for both of the reasons you cite – the pay is dropping and the universal presence of social media makes anonymity nearly impossible. This may actually make porn more likely to attract guys with criminal records since they are usually in more need of quick cash and also clearly care a lot less what others think of them, social media or not.
    As for Bel Ami, I think they will survive longer than most for a variety of reasons foremost among them are that he has tried to maintain higher pay rates and offers the guys perks like trips to various places. Also with his whole operation which includes former performers, it makes it a lot more comfortable for the straight ones to be convinced to do the “experimentation” thing. His operation is the most impressive of the type. The promise of no porn shown inside CR fell to the wayside a long time ago. BA produces much better porn than does William Higgins, the other main gay porn studio in CR. WH has gotten better though. With competition like BA he has to improve.

  22. Thank you. I do not ever aim to “kick butt” as you say. It’s just that facts and reality are important to me. Without agreeing on facts human dialogue is impossible. we can’t honestly discuss anything or exchange ideas if we can’t agree what the facts are. How we interpret these facts is what creates dialogue. But the facts are the facts. Besides I’m sure I have more time on my hands than you do! lol!

  23. “a lot of issues with the guys at that particular studio” I think it helps to remember that over 450 guys have done scenes at Sean Cody. While there have been maybe 10-20 bad apples, it’s not fair to cast doubt on the character of most of them. As gay men we should be particularly sensitive and avoid the temptation of casting suspicions on the many because of the crimes/sins of some.

  24. Some guys have a strong sexual attraction to children. Some like prepubescents others like very young adolescents. They don’t want “plenty of adult partners”. I think a lot of the Catholic priests that we have read about in recent years fall into this category.

  25. Count
    According to an article I read on one of the blogs, the original “Sean Cody” is a right wing republican.
    “Corbin Fisher” supposedly:
    1. Was in law enforcement
    2. Constantly wears a gun, in studio & outside

  26. 16 is legal in several states in the US…and in the Uk…and in Australia…and in several european nations….

  27. Don’t forget the last Mrs. Bush killed a man in Texas as a teen and got away Scott free.

  28. its a slippery slope while i agree, but 16 is legal in most of Europe. Are they more advanced children?

  29. I’d just like to say that in instances of child abuse…MOP, name names, because he’s an abomination and doesn’t deserve anonymity.

  30. Even though he plead guilty to a lesser charge, sexual crimes against children deserve exposure of who they are. If nothing else, to protect other possible future victims. His name is very easy to find online.

  31. That’s a bit one-sided. I think every porn studio has its fair share of black sheep but SC’s seem to be the ones being put in the spotlight the most often.

  32. Who knows? My mom felt that a 16-year-old is well-aware what sex is. So does a 14-year-old but it doesn’t necessarily make it right. I don’t even feel right looking at an 18-year-ole. You have to be legal enough to drink for me.

  33. You’re right. That former porn star Luke Whatever-His-Name-Was that killed his boyfriend and chopped him up into pieces had so many fanboys going after him that it was disgusting.

  34. No, that’s a misprint. He is about a foot shorter than that. You can check all the other places his height is listed and they all say he is 5’8″ or 5’9″. I suspect that whoever wrote it down saw 68″ (which, of course, would actually be 5’8″). He is not huge. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  35. You’re right Scott. Don’t get me wrong, cause I haven’t met every male who do porn, but during my short career as a cashier at a local bathhouse here in LA to pay for college I must say I saw a lot (And I do mean a lot of porn actors) who would visit for sex, drugs, to sell themselves, and what not and a lot of them were (1 out of 20) were completely fucked up in the head. What you guys see on film is nothing like these guys in person.

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