He is sticking with the name Ashton Marshall

He started his porn career in 2009 via Fratmen as Marshall.


He is more known as Ashton for his work that started in 2012 at Corbin Fisher.


He did use other gay porn names (Ace White, Ace, & Tim but renamed to Ashton) when he moved from one porn site to another. His latest this 2015 are his scenes from Masquerade Men.


On twitter, he is using the name Ashton Marshall. But, his account has not been updated since March.

8 thoughts on “He is sticking with the name Ashton Marshall

  1. I love the name “ASHTON”,..and will compliment his work @ CF … where he came full-circle and gave up his virginity to Harper in Oct/2012.
    While I’m sad that Ashton decided to leave CF,.. I’m delighted he’s still involved in the Adult Industry. At the very least,..he’s kept NAMES that are very familiar to me. LOL!!!
    Thanks – DENZ,…for spot lighting another of my favorite CORBIE. 🙂 🙂

  2. His scenes on the “Masquerade Men” website show him to be a passionate, hard pounding top. He’s definitely more confident now than what he was previously,
    That being said, over the last two month the MM website has not be updated as frequently as it was which may mean either the site is winding up business or “re-adjusting” it’s business model…….

  3. Insomuch as one can be a passionate, hard pounding top with a little 6 inch dick.
    I prefer him as a bottom.

  4. Ditto. Hopefully he’ll end up on a site where he gets to do that…a lot 😉

  5. See, his dick isn’t big but he pounds passionately. Whereas when he bottoms, he just doesn’t convey the fact that it’s something he enjoys…..

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