15 thoughts on “Ashton of Corbin Fisher worked as Ace at The Guy Site (tips @ Peter & Yeremia)

  1. He did not wanna bottom anymore. Like most g4payer’s he wants to just jerk off and collect his check..that’s why he went back to doing j/o sites. It’s a shame, he is so studly. My fave scene was him and Aiden at CF. Aiden is a GOD!

  2. That’s a shame, since it’s the only the thing he was good at doing, and seemed to enjoy. You could tell he didn’t want to enjoy it but, his cock always betrayed him. He was a boring top and won’t last much longer just doing solos. If he needs money he should have stayed at CF.

  3. It was discussed previously on this blog, when he left CF. It stands to reason. He did not leave porn altogether. He went from jerk-off sites, to CorbinFisher, then back to vanilla, solo jerk-off sites. He obviously wants to earn his porn money without getting jizz in his mouth.
    When a performer is uncomfortable with what he’s doing, erection or not, his discomfort comes thru on camera. Ashton was one of those. Even his scene with the hot hot Aiden did not loosen him up. (Any man who can’t get turned on by Aiden is definitely straight).

  4. Man, this guy needs more cock. Maybe switching to another site would allow him to see more new cocks. lol.

  5. This is Ashton, I never had a problem bottoming, the problem was with the guy that flew me in and out of there, he was new, stupid, and didn’t know how to do his job

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