17 thoughts on “Hoyt Kogan introduced in 2013, hardcore scenes released this year

  1. He is soooooooooo much hotter as Hoyt than Terry. Super and i believe openly gay.

  2. I prefer Hoyt with hair.
    Talking of long waits at Bel Ami, what about Joel Birkin?

  3. Very good business plan of BAO, to keep members waiting that long. They must have a long list of back catalogue to keep them for years.

  4. The wait is easily explained: Mr. Duroy wants to have enough scenes with a new exclusive model before his first scene is released. Many Czech models can’t handle the criticism/pressure once family and friends find out that they have done gay porn and stop doing porn. If they stop doing gay porn BelAmi always has a number of scenes in their archive (and can persuade them to do more scenes because of those scenes in the archive). With Hoyt BA doesn’t have that problem because Hoyt did scenes for William Higgins, BigDaddy and CzechHunter before going to BA.

  5. Not “the rest of them”. A small selection of BA models are indeed bisexual or gay while most are indeed straight.

  6. Count, you are right. When Kris was outed, another Hungarian model named Bartolome up and quit for fear of being outed as well. Benjamin Bloom was outed almost immediately after Kris was yet his brother Johnny came to the site years later.

  7. They have terrible organization there. One of their videos, a photoshoot with model Jason Knightly, proved as such. Sebastian Bonnet or Johan Paulik’s desk was messy and the pictures from Jason’s shoot were lost so they had to shoot again not to mention that years after Jason was no longer there they “found” three updates of his which turned out to be incorrect because there was a fourth one which had him paired up for a second time with Alex Orioli except this time Jason was the bottom.

  8. He’s str8 all right, has done str8 porn, including an episode of Female Agent.

  9. Hoyt is definitely suited for PORN….but I prefer the name Juliano. LOL!!
    He reminds me of a Mick Lovell type of guy. …and I “ADORE”..Mick.
    Someone needs to let him know that Corbin Fisher is recruiting and located in Vegas. 🙂 🙂
    THANKS – DENZ for shinning the spot-light on Hoyt.

  10. @Jason401: I agree- I also adore Mick! I also hope someone could inform him about CF… 🙂
    And Hoyt is fantastic (body, face), but of course not in the same high division as Mick.
    It´sad that BA has to wait so long to release their scenes. But I fully understand them. “Count Voronovich” explained very well above, why BA wait so long. And by the way-Mick left because the pressure on him to quit became too strong. Don´t know if it was family, friends or Gf that found out that he did porn.

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