Terry Torson of William Higgins is also Hoyt Kogan of Belami Online (tips @ Tim & Deran)

Terry Torson has worked for different gay porn studios in Europe such as William Higgins, Big Daddy and Czech Hunter.


His solo as Hoyt Hogan was released this week by Belami Online.


Others that I can think of right now that worked for both William Higgins and Belami Online are Max Orloff (Jan Dvorak), Gino Mosca (Alf Luganis) and Chris Hoyt (aka Jan Pribyla). I am sure there are more.

4 thoughts on “Terry Torson of William Higgins is also Hoyt Kogan of Belami Online (tips @ Tim & Deran)

  1. Yes there are others like Sascha Borodin at William Higgins who is now Misha Akunin at Belami. He is bottomed on both sites but the other rising star is Scott Bennett who started on William Higgins and had his dick played with and sucked there but waited until he came to Belami to get fucked by Adam Archuleta and has since topped several guys and made out with them like he has been doing that all his life :).

  2. Sorry Sascha Borodin was at William Higgins and started at Belami with the name Sasha Akunin and has since changed it to Misha Akunin which will be the name he will use in the November release of Kinkyangels.com.

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