Abraham Shehell, Bill, Jonah, Tyler Cortez, Arthur Joseph, Adam Wolfe & Alpan Stone

Abraham Shehell with his first scene at Lucas Entertainment as the top to Ricky Hard.

Bill, a cowboy in real life according to Beefcake Hunter, is the latest to be tasted by the owner of the site.

Jonah, who won as your favorite model for July, with Jared as his second bottom at Corbin Fisher.

Tyler Cortez as the latest bottom of Cade Maddox at Naked Sword.

Arthur Joseph, who had 3 scenes at Latin Leche of Say Uncle, as the latest guy at Str8 Chaser of Reality Dudes.

Adam Wolfe (or Wolf), who had two scenes at Club Amateur USA, with his homemade video with Ricky Decker as the top at Peep Show.

Alpan Stone with his first scene at Bad Puppy as the top to Alex Stone Blade.

7 thoughts on “Abraham Shehell, Bill, Jonah, Tyler Cortez, Arthur Joseph, Adam Wolfe & Alpan Stone

  1. I can’t stand the guy from Beefcake Hunter. However, the new model has a sexy regular guy look. I just wish he was with a different person!

    1. He only ever works with guys so straight that they refuse to even look at him, have to keep their eyes firmly fixed on the straight porn playing off camera and wears that revolting thong, in the attempt to look like a woman from behind.

      Back in the day, the guys on Jake Cruise at least engaged with him!

    2. Is some one making you watch his videos? Cause like y’know you get a choice? Like you don’t have to watch him or acknowledge his existence. Like I don’t care for the Military Classified dude being in the video….but if I wanna see that guys dick…..or ass. Anywho…..like I don’t care about BF dude. the guy he was working on was nioce…….I’m usually jealous he gets such scrumptous cock…..but I’m not starting a porn site soo……

  2. I feel the same way about the old guy in Maverick Men. So off putting. Can’t watch their videos.

  3. Arthur Joseph is an absolutely beautiful model who’s been in three videos and he loves to eat cum.

  4. Jonah of CF is a tall (6’3) lean muscular guy with a big thick cock.” So far he has topped Roman and Jarred. Hope he stays at CF for a while and shares that big cock with other hotties.

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