Craig Marks of Lucas Entertainment is your favorite model for August 2021

With 68.22% of the votes, Craig Marks of Lucas Entertainment won over Igor Lucios (15.56%), Rodrigo Amor (8.56%) & Blake Ryan (3.89%).

Craig had a threesome scene at Lucas Entertainment. And, his scene with Troy Connolly was released by English Lads 5 days ago.

9 thoughts on “Craig Marks of Lucas Entertainment is your favorite model for August 2021

    Perfect face, eyes, cock, ass, the whole body, very warm smile.
    And he was smart enough to stop at a couple of small tasteful tattoos, no bull ring thru the nose, no spikes in his eye brow, no greasy man bun up top……

    1. So true. Let this also be a lesson to aspiring models that the right hair style and beard length can work wonders for your career. Figure it out guys.

  2. I like Craig. Handsome dude. He jazzed up English Lads boring style. EL has wonderful looking models but the the owner’s directing style bores me to tears.

  3. Other than what appear to be his horrific bunions….Marks is HOT! Which begs the question: WHAT is he doing at LE?

    1. Maybe the bunions are the result of some type of sports related injury from not wearing properly fitting shoes. Good thing most of us don’t care about feet.

  4. Well no surprise he is actually beautifully handsome, almost perfect, nice chiselled muscles, always good looking face… but I’m not really sure if he’s cut out for porn…

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