Langly (or Langley) Gold & Lars Halty

Langly Gold is the latest addition at The Guy Site.

Just as Langley (with an E), he got a blow job from the owners of Military Classified & Slow Teasing Handjobs.

And, he was part of the latest orgy (Deep Dump) at Sketchy Sex.

He joined Twitter last month as Langley Gold.

Lars Halty is the latest pin-up model at Belami Online.

Like Roger Cooper, Madden Lawrence, Ruben Kee & Justin Rush, the studio is known to holding on to scenes for years. Lars was Gregor Bortel at William Higgins and Str8 Hell from 2011 to 2013.

2 thoughts on “Langly (or Langley) Gold & Lars Halty

  1. Langley is a hot looking guy: 6’5″ 210 lbs, big guns, decent size cock, nice booty and an overall sexy look. If he wants to make some money in gay porn he should check out some of the studios and see what they’re offering. He Id’s as str8 so before he jumps into gay porn he should commit himself to going gay all the way on screen.

  2. Lars Halty actually also did a duo scene at Bel Ami so he apparently got thru’ his casting ok ☺ Weird to present him as a ‘new’ talent 9 years later. Not nice for him maybe to see yourself as a new BA model almost a decade after you exit a relatively brief porn career. Maybe he is unaware of it. I hope so for him.

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