Vlad Stark, Sean Weiss & DeAngelo Jackson

Vlad (or Vladimir) Stark as the bottom in a threesome to two big dicked guys at Fucker Mate9″ cocks of Tommy Dreams & Abel Sanztin.

Sean Weiss as the medical intern of Diego Reyes at Men At Play with Sean as the bottom.

DeAngelo Jackson at the locker room with his team mate Michael Boston as his bottom at Raging Stallion [gallery].


  1. Fathom

    Michael Boston, he must have a lot of fans, right? Because I don’t get it. He, Drew Dixon, and Pierce Paris are on the short list of guys that to me are completely played out at this point; if I never saw any of them again, it’d be too soon.

    Yet here he is in a RSS video. Which I guess makes sense, as RSS is a crap site anyway: poorly shot videos of sex as an aggressive, violent act; director(s) and cameramen who can’t find an asshole to save themselves (see a recent scene with Drew Sebastian and Alpha Wolfe as an example of all that; AW has his back against a wall in a confined space eating DS’s ass…he could be doing nothing for all we know because you can’t see anything. I always think, why would you shoot that at that angle? Then the endless, monotonous blow jobs. RSS, Falcon, Hot House…that whole group sucks.

    • Ty Huber

      LOL “cameramen who can’t find an asshole to save themselves.” But you’re right, many porn directors go out of their way to avoid displaying any assholes (or, God forbid, any tongue/hole action). There ARE some porn fans who like to watch buttfucking but are offended/disgusted by seeing the hole, like the old-school BelAmi crowd; I can’t figure that out, but there it is. And I’m completely with you on endless blowjobs (love ’em in real life, not so much on video). I’ll push back gently on Falcon, though: rimming and hole display there are above average, especially if Colton Reece is around.

  2. andrew

    Vlad Stark is a handsome hottie and an awesome bottom. He’s a pro at taking care of huge cocks.

  3. Andy

    The raging scene new video Scrum is interesting. Michael Boston and Deangelo got chemistry. Just a shame so few black models who are clean cut with big dicks. The two scenes with black men are separate from the long orgy scene which is all white. Deangelo Jackson is a handsome guy I can see WHY men find him attractive. For me Deangelo has a small dick. It is just disappointing there aren’t more Black models in gay porn who have Deangelo sex appeal but with a bigger dick. I think that’s the sad part there are like three or four black guys in mainstream gay porn Andre Donovan, Deangelo Jackson, Adrian Hart, and Trent King they get the most work. Just a shame casting agents aren’t hiring more hot black models.

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