Cage Käfig is known for his work at Broke Straight Boys from 2013 to 2017.

He first left Broke Straight Boys in 2015 since he only wanted to top and his return in 2017 was a flip fuck scene. During the time that he was out of Broke Straight Boys, he was represented by 211 Management where he used his real name.

If you miss him, he is back on Twitter after 2 years.

4 thoughts on “If you miss Cage Käfig

  1. I sure hope he isn’t encouraged to come back as a no-service top, because Cage could suck a mean cock if he put his mind to it.

    1. He was also a power bottom back in the day. He looks better now than he did then, but I’m just hoping this is more than just a few jerk-offs and then gone again.

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