Thomas Johnson, Jordan, Emilio Reynolds or Ryder Owens? (September 2022)

The weekly poll winners for the month of September.

Week 1 – Thomas Johnson of Sean Cody

Week 2 – Jordan of Corbin Fisher

Week 3 – Emilio Reynolds of Flirt 4 Free [room] & East Boys

Week 4 – Ryder Owens [gallery] of Active Duty

Vote for your favorite.

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Thomas Johnson, Jordan, Emilio Reynolds or Ryder Owens?
558 votes
Ends on 10/31/2022


  1. HermanCee

    Team Jordan all the way.

  2. Ron

    Nice to see all 4 options are sexy in their own way!

    • EdWoody

      Right, they’re all actually hot for once!

  3. Bo

    Thomas Johnson is also MrDeepVoice on OF where he is all over the place and hot as hell

    • Fathom

      He is a smoke show.

  4. Phil H

    Four sexy guys. And nice to see unshaved pits on display.

  5. HermanCee

    Does anybody got any gossip on Jordan? Other sites. Gay, Straight, Bi, Pretending?

  6. vonschlomo

    These poll results are sometimes so wacky.

    As of right now, the top three are pretty close, Jordan, Ryder Owens & Thomas Johnson. Ryder Owens is leading but has only one gay action scene which I didn’t even know about. Its Active Duty for Ryder Owens, which usually sucks, but maybe he’s gay in real life and is a great performer. Corbin Fisher’s Jordan has only a solo and a girl scene. Thomas Johnson is MrDeepVoice for OnlyFans stuff and has been in dozens and dozens of scenes, topping and bottoming, but maybe folks here don’t take much of any of all this into account and just look at their pictures voting on who looks hot/cute. lol

    Jordan has potential but he may never come back. I’d probably vote for Thomas Johnson, tho he isn’t a perfect package.

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