From Cristian Sam “Boycott Qatar 2022”

4 thoughts on “From Cristian Sam “Boycott Qatar 2022”

  1. Sigh.. I don’t know which is worse.. porn stars trying to get tweets because of the Colorado shooting or porn stars trying to get tweets because of them being nominated for the gayVN.

  2. RYDER – Not sure I have ever seen him but for some reason, I am interested…
    DANTE COLLE – For all the guys detractors, say what you want, he has had staying power. I usually like his scenes.
    CALVIN T BANKS – This guy is a true porn “STAR” Every scene full of energy and cum. He also has been around for awhile.. Seth, well…not so much
    ALPHA WOLFE – Nobody cares you like pussy. Shut the door on that twat and her shovel full of make up ….

  3. With Qatar, the one I’m surprised by is Robbie Williams.

    He might have “reformed”, with a model wife and kids, but he was / is a massive queen. I guess it’s either pound signs, or he just wants to distance himself from his reputation.

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