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Igor Galek now has two erotic solos at William Higgins.

The first one was released in 2017 followed by his three scenes with guys.

He was also on their sister site at Str8 Hell in 2017.

He returned to William Higgins two months ago with another solo and his latest scene was released this week.

Igor, when he first started porn, was also known as Greg Noll (Bad Puppy, Boy Fun, Staxus & East Boys), Diego Alvaros (Twinks In Shorts – now merged with Southern Strokes) and with no name in his scenes at Debt Dandy (#205) & Czech Hunter (#352).

5 thoughts on “Then & now on Igor Galek

  1. The guy turned into a fkn hot, well not quite twunk, but in between a twunk and a semi hunk, hard to describe but hot none the less.

  2. He has gotten incredibly hot, he’s a definite keeper now, hope we see much more of him.

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