6 thoughts on “Fresh Men “Allow us to introduce you to future star Gene Allen.” (aka Michal Renok, Dominic Easton, Nikolaus Viklund & Tony Falco)

  1. Given all the places he’s worked, I must have seen him in trailers many times. But I didn’t recognize him at all in his BelAmi debut. Even when I look at the stills above it’s not obvious that I’m looking at the same guy. Maybe it’s the varying haircuts and the rather generic Nordic look.

    1. Nothing as no one except a few models, are exclusives for one studios nowadays. They just go where the work and money is and good for them!

  2. I do like Gene Allen or whatever his name is lol with longish hair in his William Higgins scene. he certainly had work all of his differing looks cant he.

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