Robert Royal started with a few tattoos on his body in 2020 for sites like Tim Tales & Fucker Mate.

In his latest scene at Tim Fuck, Robert is now one of the most tattooed porn stars.

He seems to have a high tolerance for pain. How high? He recently had a “clip” clamp pierced into his back to hold him while he was suspended on a tree swinging back & forth.

📷 Robert Royal

Painful? Not as painful as Robert thought it would be.


    • FieldMedic

      different strokes for different folks

  1. EdWoody

    Nope. Nope nope nope. Nope. Nuh-uh. No ma’am.

    For many reasons… nope.

  2. BigJoe59


    little cute tattoos like singer Shawn Mendes has on his arms are fine but full body tattoos

    • JR

      A turn off FOR YOU. For millions of people they are a turn on.

  3. Steve

    This is proof that we’re living in the age of normalization.. where everything (good or bad) is deemed “normal”…

  4. Max

    I agree. Its basically come down to this

    ” My house burned to the ground”
    ” Well Everyone’s house burns to the ground eventually”

    ” I was just in a car crash”
    ” Well Everyone gets into car crashes eventually”

    ect, ect, ect……….

  5. Pavel Ford

    OK, so how long before he pokes 10 inch burning hot nails thru his cock head while having his piss hole filled with acid as he leaps off the roof of his apartment into a pool filled with sharks – then says its fulfillment of a lifelong dream ?
    Trust me, that is a “life changing experience” as all who love him say congratulations Robert. Well Done.
    This guy has some very serious mental problems and needs to talk to somebody quick.

    • JR

      And if he wants to do any of that, how is it your business? Answer, it’s not. His choices in life are not harming anyone. Honestly, this mentality of trying to tell people how to live their own lives is just as bad as the religious right forcing their beliefs on people.

  6. Cherrystick

    I’m sorry but I have to call it as I see it and to me, this is some mental shit going on with him. Ain’t no damn way I’m allowing you to stick some clamps in my back for anything. The fuck?!?!

    Like Teddy Bryce’s tongue split and the other body modifications, piercings and massive/obsessive tattoos these boys do, they’re going to look horrible once they get older. Regret city soon enough.

  7. Magnus

    Can we just stop it with the drugged-up inked-up body dysmorphia in porn? Ugly isn’t the new black.

  8. Gazzaq

    Roberts a pretty decent performer but is over tattooed, although if he like them then so what really!

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