From no sex with guys to a more tattooed muscled bottom for Gunnar Stone

Gunnar Stone started in 2018 doing solos for gay porn. He was Gunnar at The Guy Site, Gavin W at My Friends’ Feet & Gavin Carter at Bad Puppy.

While, he had sex with women in straight porn for sites like See Him Fuck.

According to him in a comment at in 2018, he only did solos for gay porn since he was not gay but appreciated his gay fan base.

Not sure why I’m being criticized for doing solo porn for my gay fans and doing straight porn for my straight women fans. I’m doing to try and please both sides, not to be disrespectful. I’m not gay, but i still appreciate my gay fan base. I love all my fans. So i do scenes for both. You people are cruel honestly. Sorry i try to make everyone happy. It’s ok, there are plenty of other gay men who appreciate my work and know I’m a good person. Carry on.

Four years later, he started having sex with men for his fan site and shared some of the videos at Raw Fuck Club.

This year, he had scenes released at Adult Time & Kink Men.

17 thoughts on “From no sex with guys to a more tattooed muscled bottom for Gunnar Stone

    1. Some people need to stop and question themselves before getting more tattoos especially face ones.

      Also the number of straight female fans is low I bet it’s a 90-10% gay men-woman split if not more. So he’s technically putting in more effort for his female fans than the gay ones. Hmm….

      1. Yeah, if straight women watch porn, then they honestly tend to watch gay porn. Straight men will watch straight porn, but they usually prefer lesbian porn, because they don’t want to see another man.

        I’m not sure he knows who he’s making porn for, but he’s missing the mark. Since he’s Gay4Pay, I don’t know why he doesn’t just commit to that. John Bronco and Johnny Rapid occasionally veer away, but they know where the money is when you’re a man in porn.

        1. He’s not G4P. He’s legitimately LGBTQ. He was in the closet/in the denial when made that post here.

  1. The forehead tattoo…I can almost overlook the rest of the them and the piercings that look like metal ache, but WHY would he get a tattoo in the centre of his forehead?

    If you compare the first and latest photo, then the two partial sleeve and flank tattoos were already a bit much, but at least he looked healthy. Natural muscle, clear skin, but now he looks ill, both physically and mentally.

    As for his fans, I just personally don’t need another “straight” in my Twitter bio / Gay4Payer around. I’m sure some people enjoy straight married men doing gay porn and also love the steroid look and throat and neck tattoos, but if he’s physically ruined and not even bi, then what purpose is he actually serving?

    1. Haven’t you heard? He’s a Jaffa now. As to which System Lord he’s a slave of, I don’t know… maybe it’s one of the new ones.

      1. Well, Steve Bacic is homophobic, so I’m guessing it might be Camulus.

        Maybe Gunnar could become a Prior of the Ori though and they could sort out his complexion and cure the roids, which are worse than a plague.

  2. I don’t recall ever seeing this model before and I think he’s hot. And good on him for being honest about his sexuality while doing what he needs to do (and looking good while at it) to expand his fan base.

  3. I just wish he discovered his pansexuality when he wasn’t yet peppered with his current tattoos. It would’ve been much hotter watching him taking dick during the time the first pictures above were taken.

  4. He’s interesting…for about five minutes. The piercings and stupid tattoos….would therapy be cheaper?

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