Back with an update: Randy Blue will release the comeback scene of Andrew Stark after three months of no updates

Back in April, I posted that Andrew Stark was back since he was on the set of Cocky Boys. His scene(s) will be released this coming July, not just at Cocky Boys but also at Randy Blue. It was a co-production between the two porn sites.

The co-production included the return of Diego Sans at Randy Blue.

When Randy Blue was relaunched last Thanksgiving, the updates were erratic after three weeks.

14 thoughts on “Back with an update: Randy Blue will release the comeback scene of Andrew Stark after three months of no updates

    1. He bottomed at Corbin Fisher. My problem is, he left G4P porn and then rubbed his straightness in our faces. Don’t burn those bridges. Stay retired.

      1. Bitch had s boytoy and had no problem staying hard as a bottom- bi at such thing as “G4P”

  1. Well I think Andrew Stark aged well. But, Its kinda like hearing the news tell the same story over and over. I don’t mind a few times. If a porn star is good ok, I will hang with him awhile… BUT, I think we all have seen every nook and cranny of Andrew Years Ago.. He was good at first then he got stale. I really do not see the big deal about him showing us his act again.
    Diego, Same thing unless your willing to get fucked again.

    1. I think that’s the leif motiv of the followers of this page: bottom or get fucked or go home 😀

      1. I only read “These special followers here” in your comments.
        Why do you keep commenting here and especially to others if it annoys you so much???????
        There are enough other sites where you won’t be bothered by special followers…..

  2. Andrew Stark used to do good solid scenes for several (then) popular studios. I haven’t heard anything negative from him. I don’t know that he (probably) is or was bi or even G4P. As long as he keeps filming good scenes, which is what porn is about, and doesn’t freak out like others actors, he can stay. Of course he’s getting on in years, but as long as his thick cock is still actively working he looks like a good “daddy” materiel. Diego Sans is a gay porn legend….

    1. This page has its “special” followers. To make arguments for an opposite view you will be disliked haha

  3. Happy to see Andrew Stark return to gay porn! I’ve enjoyed seeing his webcam performances with his girlfriend on-and-off for years. He’s got a lot of good stuff at his manyvids too (AndrewStarkRB)

    I came here to comment because Zach at Str8UpGayPorn is a sad, weak, impotent little man who compulsively deletes comments to control the context of the articles on his blog. Zach, you’re a joke.

    1. Mate I agree re that individual at ZS, as I received a ban for calling him out years ago re his stance on Sean Cody’s first scene with 2 black guys. That person refused to put any info up about it until I point this out to him, then he did so, but the result was an instant life time ban and that particular delusional lady is ‘not for turning’!

    2. Str8UpGayPorn are real dictators. If you don’t say what they want, they will ban you for life from writing there. They are rude and like good leftists and intolerants, they insult people who disagree with them. They are true sectarian garbage. As a European I am ashamed that in America there are blogs that belong to people like that.

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