Marine: David Skylar at Military Classified

David Skylar is known for his work at Active Duty and Next Door Studios. His first scene this year will be released by Military Classified.

➡ David Skylar “I’m too good for this shit.

➡ David Skylar “I deleted all my political posts, and am going to end my life.

➡ David Skylar “I’m still alive. Just been pulling back after my attempt. I feel better for it. (Not engaging with negativity) although turns out I was right about all of it. I’ve learned a lot taking this time of silence.

➡ David Skylar “I was raped by the fucking ex president of the company (Stephan)…

➡ David Skylar “Btw if you’re offended by my posts, good! Idgaff I want to be hated.”


  1. logogay

    No it’s not a surprise that he continues to do exactly what he has so demonized on the internet. I just hope not a single gay out there continues to pay, sponsor or see these lunatics! He can please go to straight, bi, or transporn and people who have that inclination are welcome to look at him and have to pay for him. Such a terrible thing…..

  2. Karl

    I thought in one of his rants he said these scenes would go unreleased lol

  3. Meh

    Can he takes out his bruised limp pencil cock ?

  4. NovaStar

    I thought he was done with gay porn. So much for that and that’s unfortunate cause he needs to go away with his psychotic ass.

  5. Magnus

    Dude should have kept his big mouth shut. Had he just not overshared online, no one would know he’s fucking braindead. A little mystery is good for your reputation.

  6. Cherrystick

    You know that Cardi B meme of her yelling out “AH WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT” when she sees something on her computer. I swear that close up of David’s face made me do that same shit.

    I thought his can’t get hired ass was done. Ugh. I’m guessing with the amount of trash that gets hired in gay porn, this shouldn’t be a shocker.

  7. Nick

    David Skylar is extraordinarily beautiful. Perfect face, amazing eyes.

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