13 thoughts on “Newbie to watch: Dallen of Corbin Fisher

  1. Dallen alright and easy on the eye and clearly had sex with other blokes long before he came to Corbin Fisher. He had topped 5 times now including his straight and bi scenes so he need to bottom now with Liam or Barron. He is an ok performer and the site needs to try harder to hire more aesthetically please performers, that can have sex with other guys, rather that it current limited stable!

  2. He looks sensational with his body hair, first seen in today’s scene with Chris. Stunning masculine, engaged. Great addition!

  3. Corbin Fisher was also one of the leading brands with hot college dude/guy style performers in gay porn. But the golden days are long gone. This studio has been struggling to survive for a year or two. This isn’t due to a lack of interested people or interest in gay porn, it’s just that the content has gone disastrously down over the years. They still hold on to the straight/bi concept of trying to trick into “training” these straight or bi performers into gay, basically making them “learn” it. That used to be a good concept 10 years ago, now it’s just become boring, bland and outdated. The roster has been severely limited and cut in recent years and has fallen steadily. Dallen is the only newbie this year who has never shot gay porn anywhere else, and is new to CF. That’s damn little. Its the same roaster. The other performers are always the same, just different pairings. Unfortunately, this is how you see the desperate attempt and the last breaths of one of the last big gay porn studios after the straight/queer agenda already has everything under their hands. Very sad and a damn shame.

    1. Corbin Fisher is too vanilla and dull that I am not horny when I see that porn. Moreover, the moralistic gay audiece that judged straight guys doing gay porn killed the spirit of such page as well as Sean Cody (besides other reasons). What we have to appreciate is diversity of content. The more the merrier.

      1. I don’t know if you are a man or a woman, or gay, bi or straight. I only know you like hetero/g4p types and diversity in the sense of pussy in gay porn. That’s how I found out about your taste here in this blog what you write. That is also OK. But not for me. I’m gay and I love gay porn. Good quality gay porn that is only reduced to sex with passion or chemistry, which is actually what constitutes porn. No experiments, no diversity in the sense of queer/fluid/bi and no therapy. Just GAY PORN. Maybe that bores you and you don’t like it, so I don’t quite understand what you’re saying.

  4. Attractive (but CF has had hotter guys), average dick, kind of boring when topping. He needs to do some bottom scenes soon, otherwise I’m already getting tired of him.

  5. On the website of Corbin Fisher Dallen describes himself as having a “golden retriever energy”.

    First scene is a creampy full creamy load solo
    Second scene is a straight and full creamy load scene
    Third scene is a Girl-guy-guy scene in which he finally pounds a guy named Rocky
    Fourth scene is a guy-guy scene in which he pounds a guy named Eli
    Fifth scene is a guy-guy scene in which he pounds a guy named Tyler
    Sixth scene is a guy-guy scene in which he pounds a guy named Chris

    CONLUSION: this not only a very handsome, fut for all a horny young stud

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