Sean Cody and The Bro Network: Cam Crawford

Gone are the days when a model was exclusive to Sean Cody.

The 6’4″ Cam Crawford was introduced last week by Sean Cody, and his scene as the top to Jason Emre is the latest update on the site.

Up next for Sam is his scene at The Bro Network as the top to Enzo Muller.

18 thoughts on “Sean Cody and The Bro Network: Cam Crawford

  1. The Bro Network belongs to the horrible hetero/queer agenda Mindgeek with their straight Canadian strippers or construction workers like William Seed, Ryan Bones, Markus Kage, Malik Delgaty, Clark Delgaty, Finn Harding, Kenzo Alvarez, Tony DÀngelo, Nate Rose, Bruce Huxley, Miguel Exotic, Chuck Conrad or others (oh god I didn’t know there were so many, now I remember why I never pay this homophobic company), who are more or less so limited and stiff in their performances (if they perform at all aroused or not producing a fake cum shot) and then fuck pussy, but only do the bare minimum with a man sexually in a gay porn!
    The fact that The Bro Network even tops MEN in its produced G4P Scenes in their boring, homophobic, heteronormative way and staging is actually no wonder. And I think Cam is one of them (I haven’t really seen a scene from him yet because I don’t support Mindgeek financially), because what I only see in pictures and videos points to the same boring “I only do what is necessary, I don`t kiss and don’t rim the other performer” Performances without Chemistry or Passionate attributed. Too bad actually.

      1. Maybe you tell me. Are you an employee of this company? I haven’t seen you here since I’m writing here and all of a sudden you pop up and tell me this. Maybe it’s not Mindgeek but they have the same cast and are set in Canada. Because I don’t pay for it and subscribe, I may not know or I’m wrong. It’s just an assumption on my part. So if you’re a collaborator or fan of theirs then enlighten us all here and don’t cut corners.

        1. I am none of the things you ask about, just an infrequent commenter. But consider this. Mindgeek sites all say “©2023 MG Premium Ltd. All Rights Reserved” (or similar); TBN says “COPYRIGHT © 2019-2023 BRONETWORK ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. BRONETWORK IS A SITE OWNED AND OPERATED BY DADDY INC, WEYMOUTH MA USA”. All MG sites use the same record custodian at “7777 Decarie Blvd, Montreal”; TBN uses “Pinstripe Media Group, Inc. 1001 Rue Lenoir Montréal…” Mindgeek sutes use MG Billing (Woodland Hills, CA or Cyprus); TBN does not. They both (and others, like the SayUncle sites, for example) do use Montreal-based models and probably Montreal-based production companies.

            1. So the Straight/Queer/Bi/G4P Agenda from Canada! So all the same. Same actors, same boring scenes (if the men get a hard one at all). But thanks anyway, I’m not looking at that. Just comment…

      1. Hating/disliking a gay porn studio that already has lost its roots, it’s not a crime, tbh. OP listed those models as examples of the ‘same pattern’ models MG always hired so.. and how can you not disliking Malik? After every weak performances, you still demanding him? I had lost my hope for this studio when they made him as their ‘exclusive’ model. Even more disliking this studio when they introduced Noahway (a transman who is a biological woman) to their list of gay models and put ‘twink’ title on her. That’s a slick move of them but we’re not stupid to see their sick intention behind it though! Lmao

        1. Let her. Everyone has the right to comment. And this one is in love with Malik Delgaty. She said. So have understanding with Miss @Camille.

        2. Why should I despise Malik Delgaty when he is a drop dead gorgeous boy willing to perform? My goodness like he was the one to blame for killing Jesus!

          1. I know there are a lot of people out there who love to watch g4p dudes boringly fuck around (if they stay hard and don’t produce a fake cum shot which your favorite actor has already done) without passion or chemistry, without kissing and rimming. But you should also accept and respect the many people who don’t want to see or have this type of G4P porn. You act like gays have no right to complain in gay porn. Again and again. Thats getting annoying. I also never comment on your preferences that you write here because I don’t care. To each their own. But you’re always annoying, because we gays are annoying. lol

          2. Brandon Cody was another G4P bore until he disappeared into pussy porn. But as I said, it’s your taste and now you can watch him fuck his pussy and pay for it. is that diversity enough?

      2. I don’t hate any of the models. I just don’t like their G4P models and their performance. They decent models there too. Nevertheless, there is no reason for me to subscribe to this mass of quantity. The only thing I HATE is the Concept of MEN/Mindgeek: presenting pussy on their Site and using Performers posing as gay. And they still claim to be a GAY Adult Website. I hate that. This QUEER/STRAIGHT/FLUID AGENDA behind it. Then nothing.

      1. You have. Lots now. At MEN, Gayhoopla, Corbin Fisher, Bro Network, Adult Time, Disruptive Films, Frat X, Sketchy Sex and and and….. so if that’s not enough for your straight guy fantasy then I don’t know what is. It’s just that the quality and conviction of such a scene are filmed in a very non-erotic way and are unbelievable lame. When the performers get hard at all and no fake cum shot is produced. Enjoy it

  2. He looks like ancient Rod Daily who was bisexual and caught HIV in 2013 from his gf Cameron Bay or from random hookup.

  3. Oh come on Denz mate, no model in Sean Cody or to be frank any of the other websites are exclusive now!

    That’s an old concept when they used to throw a hissy fit if a model dared work for another website, or tried to move on and work else where like Connor et all from Corbin Fisher and that ended badly as Jason Gibbs CEO kick him to the curb and cancelled his Credit Card and Privileges et al!

    The Gay Porn industry’s far to big now and Social Media/JFF/OF’s rules!

    1. And also it’s unfair. I believe that’s why my baby Brandon Cody started to post on Twitter or Instagram when the models were not supposed to show their personal social networks.

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