1. logogay

    With the intellectual level that is sometimes written here, I sometimes really ask myself whether some people even have a school diploma or even know the world out there, see the bigger picture and have interests except maybe only in the country in which they live.
    Other topic : Gaycest falls under Carnal Media with various other topics such as doctor + patient, stepfather + stepson, football coach + football student, stepbrothers and other topics related to incest or jung men + older men. This also includes the new site Transcest for a while now the same topics are dealt with FTM. Different tastes for different people. Not necessarily mine, but if we see what’s out there in straight porn, maybe we’re more normal than everyone else.

  2. NovaStar

    Adam Snow is my favorite top in gay porn right now. I love a top that loves the entire male body & isn’t just wrapped up in ass. Him being in this film alone makes this film worthwhile for me.

    • jim

      I would love to see Adam on the bottom, clearly loves sucking dick in his mouth, why not his ass, and a very pokable one at that!

      • NovaStar

        And that’s the charm about Adam. It’s very refreshing to see a top that loves to suck dick. He’s the kind of top I love & adore. We have way too many tops who don’t suck dick & that includes some some versatile guys when they top & we need much more oral tops in gay porn. That alone will improve the quality of these films. It would be great to see Adam bottom & I hope it happens one day but i enjoy where he is now. He’s one of the reasons why i don’t give up on gay porn.

  3. Bo69

    Cole Blue has carried many of the episodes on several of the Canal sites for a couple of years, gorgeous, hung, versatile, loves to eat sum and is very good in daddy scenes.

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