14 thoughts on “Big-dicked twinks in a flip fuck: Silas Brooks and Spikey Dee

    1. Seems gay porn studios really declining in numbers of perfomers nowadays.. So, we would always see the same cycle of performers. Lol

    2. Twins. Silas has an identical straight twin who goes by the name of Drake Von. Excuse me, if I am telling you something you already know. Because Drake, isn’t verse, it is a wicked way of seeing him bottom by proxy. 🤣

  1. Two of the young “straight bros” (in private) are now working together for a gay studio. How nice for the two to show how bi they supposedly are. For me uninteresting. Go back to Vagina. Grow up….

    1. Vagina is ABSOLUTELY all that you’re going to see on Silas’ Twitter. He’s definitely more on the Gay4Pay side of bisexual, if he is even bisexual.

      1. Great but twitter likes don’t prove anything- a lot of straight porn guys don’t have in their likes pussy- just posts from Joe Rogan or Jordan Peterson or Andrew Tate or any other shit- does it prove they are asexual?
        Same with female pornstars who mostly likes other female pornstars- does it mean they are lesbians?

      2. I don’t think these guys are bi. They go through a “phase of experimentation”. They do it so well that it’s enough for “gay porn appearances” in Studios or OF. They also earn money with it on their OF channel. Nothing else. I mean Spike Dee only worked in straight porn before and fucked countless girls and milfs. And Silas used to fuck women together with his brother, who, in contrast to Silas, sees himself as straight and basically admits to only doing g4p in front of the camera. In any case, I haven’t seen any affection or chemistry from either of the guys towards men, neither in their studio work nor in their private content. It’s clear these guys are into pussy. Which is okay, but fact.

        1. Excuse me but that Spike Dee is definietly gay and straight-for-pay. In his straight videos he kept getting soft after some time- if he were really into pussy he would stay rock hard. Add the fact he is extremely effeminate…

          I am aware that you don’t know straight porn world and it’s politics but there is really big number of straight-for-pay and bisexual guys in straight porn.

          If you don’t believe me watch interviews with female pornstars Nikki Benz,Jenna Ivory,Marie Phoenix and Kelly Divine on YT- since they know guys in personal life they kmow better.

          1. Who are the gay men in straight porn currently? I can see bisexual, but I’ve never come across a straight porn star who is actually gay in their personal life.

        2. “I am aware that you don’t know straight porn world and it’s politics but there is really big number of straight-for-pay and bisexual guys in straight porn.” Exactly and that’s why this guys shoot straight porn instead of gay porn and after the shoot they only live gay, drink tea with the straight porn models and are just friends with them. Clearly and Realy?. Lol
          Also, what I said was for @Reg and not for you. I don’t get along with people who watch straight porn or interviews with straight women.

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