From perp to security officer: 6’3″ Radek Pozer

Radek Pozer started out as the perp in the Airport Security series of Straight Hell, which had him bottom to security officer Sasa Jelinek.

After that, he became the security officer, and his first perp was Igor Ujak.

It was followed by Eli Zoubek, Jonas Kaizer, and Noah Eden.

His latest perp at Str8 Hell was Alan Doux.

4 thoughts on “From perp to security officer: 6’3″ Radek Pozer

  1. Radek Pozer was one of the first to ID as gay in his Erotic Solo on Higgins after Higgins passed away. He has made dozens of vids there since then, usually eats cum, disappeared for a few months and is now back on the site. He’s spectacular and I think he looks a lot like the major BA star Brian Jovovih who started out at Higgins in 2014 as Vasek Konik.Nice post, Denz.

  2. I like him. Tall strapping guy with a fat nice hard dick. If you look at him from the side (last few pics) he has a slight resemblance to Legend Danny Sommers in the face. NICE ! Kids of today…look that name up.

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