Black Friday 2022 and 2023: Malik Delgaty as the bottom

Malik Delgaty is currently the biggest star at Men. He was the pièce de résistance for last year’s Thanksgiving with his flip-fuck scene in two parts with Finn Harding.

He is back as the bottom (or, will it be another flip-fuck scene) for this year’s Thanksgiving at Men.

Will it be him again for Black Friday next year?


  1. Ted

    I hope it’s a hot scene… Malik isn’t really my cup of tea, but watching him bottom is more appealing to me than watching him top. If the top turns out to be someone like Joey Mills I will crack up laughing because they really would have went with someone unexpected, but honestly I expect the pairing to be boring. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Camille

      He is DEFINITELY my cup of tea.

  2. R47

    Looking forward to it. Like him as a bottom. Hopefully he’ll suck dick Hopefully no socks or shoes. Hate that many studios are doing this

    • Jktooo

      Omfg danny d fucked w black socks and vest/suit top recently and it was fkn hot! I am danny d fan (just not his OF stuff as those r mostly pov where u dont see him, just his pov) but i am a sucker for a man fuckng w socks on! Super hot to me. Bare feet hot too cuz u can see their toes curl, etc, but evenly a fan of socks on! Cheers!

  3. McM.

    Why the need to praise het men for mediocracy in Gay Sex 101?

    If a gold-star performed like most of the g4p guys we’d have collectively told him to get the hell out of porn. Or to sit on more dicks in private before getting back in front of the camera if we were being nice. For example, that lazy gay actor who…

    Wait. It’ll come to me in a second.

    Nope. Can’t think of a name. Because gay men have to actually put in work to get noticed in gay porn.

    • Jktooo

      Uh theres a reason hes still in ur face: many of us like his work PERIOD. And u jerkoffs hate that hahahahaha

  4. Jktooo

    Malik seems to pair best w small framed twink-ish guys that he tops, he carries them while fucking them and even pulls their face into his face to kiss them tho its often a weak kiss but it tells me he is turned on enuf by his twink-ish scene partner, check his scene with Leo Grand (former partner w jackass blake mitchell) for what i mean. Leo is adorable, not for me but I can see how a top would find him attractive.

  5. NovaStar

    This is trash to the highest degree and the fact that so many gay men are praising this mediocrity is fucking atrocious & abominable. Malik Delgaty is the poster child for everything wrong with gay porn and he needs to go the entire fuck away already. Shame on MEN for putting this half assed rat in our face to begin with. This is vile & disgusting.

  6. IDK

    Let’s see if this will be anything more than a gimmick.

    His other bottoming scene lost a lot of its appeal due to including a pointless women cameo (or even more than a cameo. I don’t even remember to be honest). Will MG exceed themselves and include actual straight sex on it, like that Connor Maguirre scene they released some years ago? Who knows?

    Let’s hope not.

  7. Bsg67

    looks as real as the fake cum shots this studio is known for

  8. Bruiser

    Typical G4Per Malik would rather take a cock up his numbed ass than put a cock in his purty mouth.

    • Camille

      What’s wrong with that. It is not an obligation. Just Enjoy it!

      • NovaStar

        There’s nothing to enjoy here.

    • NovaStar

      One of many reasons why Malik is garbage. He needs to man up and suck a dick already. He needs to stop being a pussy.

  9. logogay

    It is what it is. As if McDonald’s suddenly offered low food as a 5 star deluxe menu on thanksgiving! Only the best for their fans/subscribers! LOL
    I wonder how much they had to pay him back for him to agree to do this again. I hope they include straight sex in this scene again to “prove” how bi Malik actually is! LOL LOL
    Thank God I’m not a subscriber to this terrible site and a fan of it otherwise I could hardly sleep because of the excitement to experience the “highlight of the year” at MEN/MG….
    Malik will end up like William Seed. One day in insignificance and only to stop by and collect a paycheck when MEN/MG offers him a pussy or trans scene!

  10. camillebe89

    😢😢😢 I still love you Malik

  11. Reg

    The biggest “star”? The man is quite probably the most wooden to ever appear in porn. You get splinters, just by watching one of his scenes.

  12. Anthony Josephs

    MEN does not care about the Gay Communities’ (Well, there really isn’t one to tell you the truth)
    Can’t get hard on his own
    Uses fake cum in some of his scenes.

    Thank’s MEN for pushing a GFP porn whore on us. We don’t want him…stop using him!!

  13. Anthony Josephs

    P.S. MEN? Do you have classes for all your “Talent” haha, that teach “How to look surprised, without it looking fake?” Another stupid trope. MEN is being run my the Government.

  14. Max

    This guy Malik isn’t completely straight he is fucking other men up the ass. He is getting his dick sucked by other men too. I don’t understand why people can’t see this man is clearly sexually attracted to other men.

    • logogay

      I’m not entirely sure if it’s just “gay men” writing here. Maybe also women, trans, FTM, but above all many queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid people who all see gay porn with different eyes and have different ideas/fantasies. Just not too gay…
      And Ps. again: If a heterosexual man is hired just to fuck a hole, whether vagina or ass, with an artificially erect penis that is made hard by artificial means and just does his job, occasionally getting paid to get one a real cock in his ass and never engages in any bonding/chemistry/lust with men (kissing, sucking, rimming, licking and caressing a men’s body), then he’s just G4P and doing his job! He will never even begin to do anything private with a man or come out or whatever.
      He is a product of an Agenda, nothing more or less. Wake up….

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