Misc.: Kyle Dean, Danny Steele, and Nick Cranston

Hot Guys Fuck re-released the scene of Kyle Dean, who passed away in 2018. The first comment about the scene was posted seven years ago.

Will Hot Guys Fuck follow the same fate as Gay Hoopla?

h/t MoPFanNow they’re reusing content at HGF. An old classic with Kyle Dean (RIP) from 7 years ago is their ‘latest’ scene.

Danny Steele, who now has two scenes released by Sean Cody, is the latest update on Naked Sword, which had him bottom to Apollo Adrii. The other porn star named Danny Steele celebrated his 300th scene in two years in straight porn.

The balls of Nick Cranston in his first scene in Men and his latest post on X.

10 thoughts on “Misc.: Kyle Dean, Danny Steele, and Nick Cranston

  1. What happens to HGF doesn’t interest me at all. Whether they continue to exist or not, affects no ervery gay man on the world! Go to hell….
    Apollo Adrii is one of the sexiest guys I’ve seen in gay porn. His OF gay videos are amazing.
    What the hell is this Danny Steele “straight porn star” Typ doing here? It only matters to all the queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid people who whrite here, no one else cares.
    Nick Cranston is a real beefy daddy type. To each taste something else…

  2. Nick has at east two other scenes at MEN: MEN – Cristiano, Nick Cranston, Greg Dixxon – Boys Weekend Part 3 and MEN – Big Balls Energy – Dom King & Nick Cranston

  3. I couldn’t care less about GayHoopla and HGF. That company doesn’t care about gay viewers. Gay porn blogs shouldn’t cover their site.

    The Danny Steele and Apolllo Adri scene is pretty hot.

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