It’s been a month: Solo scenes at Gay Hoopla

The owners of Gay Hoopla left Frat Men in 2013 and started US Cam Guys, renamed to Gay Hoopla. It started with what Frat Men was doing at the height of the site’s popularity – solos and live cam shows. It has taken over Frat Men’s popularity. Eventually, Frat Men lived off of their archives for years and went offline last year. Gay Hoopla has stopped filming hardcore scenes this year. The latest updates on the site are from unreleased scenes from the past, which will run out. Now, not a single solo scene has been released for a month.

Will Gay Hoopla suffer the same fate as Frat Men and disappear like their rare videos?


  1. logogay

    Who cares? The owners gave up on this site anyway and have always been homophobic.
    It would be better if this studio closed forever. Finally, thank God.

    • Tony

      I suspect a great many people do care. You obviously aren’t one of them, but “who cares” is easily answered when one considers that others have differing preferences.

    • logogay

      The owners, subscribers, fans and performers of this site should only concentrate on what they have always wanted: Pussy Pussy Pussy!
      No more catastrophic “G4P” scenes! Please never again…

      • logogay

        There is another “gay” blog whose name I consciously avoid mentioning, where bi or straight scenes from CF or men are constantly being advertised and when I read the comments of the hypocritical people there, I laugh inside when I see something like that here now get to read! People always write: I’m not bi…I’m not straight…BUT…..!
        And then they write more comments than on gay scenes! To me this is pure irony and the greatest hypocrisy there is in blogs. Just like here…..

  2. HermanCee

    Sometimes death comes slowly.

    • Deepgloat

      Sometimes death comes for the deserving.

  3. Bruiser

    In their prime they had some hawt G4P’ers but that prime is long gone. Why give them any free publicity?

  4. MoPFan

    Now they’re reusing content at HGF. An old classic with Kyle Dean (RIP) from 7 years ago is their ‘latest’ scene.

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