Time to say goodbye: Alpha Wolfe and Ben Masters

For a healthy life, Alpha Wolfe is leaving the adult industry that stared in 2021.

Alpha has an upcoming scene at Men in Joey’s Hungry Bukkake, to be released next week.

[h/t Cherrystick]

For his future, Ben Masters is leaving the adult industry to become a nurse, even his fan site will be deleted.

Ben has an upcoming scene with Kyle Wyncrest at Next Door Studios, to be released next month.


  1. Scott

    I wish Ben Masters would be my nurse….

  2. Magnus

    Wolfe in rehab? Quelle Surprise! No. Please don’t talk about it. It’s not as interesting as you think.

  3. logogay

    If someone is addicted to alcohol, drugs or medications and then works in porn just to need money for that, that’s always bad.
    But I never liked Alpha Wolfe. His performances were bad (at least in gay porn), he was never really into men, had erection problems and and and…
    He was versatile but that didn’t do him much good. His physical deterioration was seen in every scene. When I just think about that terrible homeless scene that this terrible studio shot with him! I don’t think he had to pretend or act much. I wish him to permanently withdraw from the gay porn industry and never return. It would be better for him. Maybe he would be happier and be able to live a “normal straight life” one day! I feel sorry for his son. Not a good role model for your child like that.

    • TearsThatLeft

      In his scene with Casey Everett he literally came right after pulling out, how tf he is not into men?!

      • Jktooo

        Im a firm believer and I notice scenes where a guy/top pulls and cums or internal cum, no scene cutaway edit, one has to be truly genuinely turned on to do that which means theyre enjoying their scene partner/turned on by them whoever/whatever the scene partner is (man woman trans etc). Thats why i admire much hated guys such as Christian Wilde, Dante Colle, Vadim Black, Jack King, Tyler Torro (who often pulled out ripped of condom then cums no scene cutaway), Gabriel Clark, Ty Roderick to name a few. Even str8 male PSs need that scene edit cutaway.

      • logogay

        If you, as a male sex worker, cum in gay porn without being cut, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you like men. It’s their job, it’s sex work! And I stick to MY opinion that he wasn’t a good actor. There are very, very rare even G4P actors who are even better than bi or gay guys who can do a better job, but they are rather rare. As I said, if you do a good job in front of the camera, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are like that. That’s why many actors who “now describe” themselves as absolutely gay or are in a “marriage”/relationship with men are now filming a lot of straight/bi/pan/fluid/trans/FTM porn. So many people on this blog are already saying what I wrote, or is that not the case?

    • Andy

      I disagree Alpha Wolfe rock hard plenty of times he got fucked by IsaacX and Sean Xavier. I think some gay guys hate him because he isn’t gay in real life. He prefers women and this pisces the gay audience off.

  4. Pavel Ford

    HEY…. Nurse Masters, Its time for my sponge bath !!

  5. Bsg67

    I hope masters realises that he will have to care for POC as a nurse

    • C.A.

      He’ll be cunty to them and not give them there meds. This is going to be a disaster.

    • Pavel Ford

      What exactly did Ben Masters say that got everyone upset?

      • Jktooo

        These fuckin shallow idiots who hate ben for his racism are referring to him as a racist cuz he wouldnt protest w BLM, a marxist communist entity who use skin color to advance marxist agenda, somehow this makes one against blm a racist, ESPECIALLY white ppl. Im a navajo indian i i NEVER gave blm any relevancy cuz they are cimmunist bastards as patricia culyer head of blm said “we are trained marxists” and these fkn moron leftards hate the truth exposed.

  6. Emerson

    Ok “wolfe” see you back in a few weeks

  7. Nick

    Good luck to Ben Masters! He is a young, gorgeous, talented and intelligent boy. People evolve over time, he demonstrated he is humble, as he knows how to recognize his mistakes and apologize (which almost no one in this industry does) and deserves to be happy. I wish him all the best!

  8. Deepgloat

    I would normally say “good riddance” to the news that Ben Masters is slithering away from porn, but he says he’s going to enter the nursing profession where his racist worldview could do others actual physical harm.

    In case anyone has forgotten, the internet does not forget: Google “Ben Masters racist” and you’ll find the disturbing video he published in 2020. And before you reply that he “apologized”, two thoughts:

    One, that apology was far too late, far too little, and only occurred after near-universal condemnation for his racist rant. It’s no wonder he’s erasing his websites and OF.

    And two… well, I think Maya Angelou said it best:

    “When people show you who they are, believe them.”

    • Jktooo

      Being AGAINST MARXIST ASSHOLES BLM is NOT racist jack ass pathetic commy jerk. As a navajo indian I REFUSED from the beginning to give blm any sort of relevancy. As at the time blm head patricia culyers said “we are trained marxists”..”they use their skin color to advance marxist agenda and idiot useful morons like urself fall for it hook and all. Wake up to the marxism u most likely push as a radical lunatic leftard! And BEST WISHES TO MASTERS. Sounds like He knows his shit unlike most of u brainwashed leftist marxst statist idiots!

      • Deepgloat

        Your meds. For the love of God, go take your meds.

        • Jktooo

          Thats all u got? Shallow idiot

        • Jktooo

          Ill bet U probably dont even know what marxism and communism is. God u leftists r so fkn stoooooopid

      • Evolve

        Where were you on Jan 6, 2021? Most probably next to Sergeant Miles helping him smash that window to get into the Capitol. If not, well, you might as well have been.

        • Jktooo

          U really think it was “insurrection”?!?!? God u leftards are along w brainwashed islamists THE ABSOLUTELY THE DUMBEST FKN idiots EVER!!! THIS is a TRUE INSURRECTION: President Trump with his power of leading/head of the military marches the military into DC and has everyone who disagrees w him arrested and jailed. Did that happen? U fkn uneducated brainwashed asshole, typical leftard moron!

          • Evolve

            Whoa! Someone’s getting unhinged. Guilty much? Must be! Because he read “insurrection” when I never even mentioned it. Yet,Einstein over there thinks he’s smart af.
            Just because you and your Proud Boys failed to take down the U.S. government doesn’t mean it wasn’t an insurrection. You tried but you failed. Just a pathetic loser with only your memory of a failed insurrection to comfort your sad, miserable life.bwahahahaha!

            • Jktooo

              R u serious? Really? U implied it. U meant it. U dumazz. What else did u mean? Me as part of an “insurrectionist”? Did any of the “insurrectionist” have guns and such” ? No. Why hasnt anyone anyone anyone anyone anyone been charged w “insurrection”? Why. Please tell me.

            • Jktooo

              U leftists r so fkn shallow. Yet u try to come across as brilliant and intellectual: “where were u 0106? …guilty much…i never mention[insurrection]”… but thats what u mean jack ass

  9. CurtainDrawer

    Oh great he’s going into healthcare to go be racist to his patients on the sly.

    • Jktooo

      Ditto from above i wrote to deepgloat jackass!

  10. emercycrite

    Why do these people have to announce to the world that they’re retiring? Just go away.

  11. Anthony Josephs

    Who are these Ho’s? That young looking one reminds me of a skinny, hairless, gay Porn Ho’ Dolphin.

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