5 thoughts on “Newbie to watch: Bobby Kanne

  1. This guy is really something special, and could excel at just about any porn site.

    That said, the funny thing is that many of the members at Bel Ami will absolutely hate him. If you ever read the comments posted by the BA subscribers at their site, whenever any model is a little “too muscular” or has even a hint of facial hair, the tomato-throwers come out in full force. A few of their other models (like Pierre Cezanne and Ariel Vanean) who’ve been allowed to sport facial hair in their clips always have to endure the boos and hisses from the members, because it’s not the “type” that the members signed up for.

    1. I never liked bel ami theyre all hairless twinks that look alike. Might as well all be women. but this guy does break the bel ami mold

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