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Gay, bi, and trans: Alpha Wolfe

The two scenes of Alpha Wolfe released this week were filmed before he announced in November 2023 that he had moved on from the adult industry.

One at Men, with Roman Todd as his top.

The other one at Bi Phoria, with Ricky Larkin as his top.

He is back filming for a studio, but with conditions since he is now in a relationship.

20 thoughts on “Gay, bi, and trans: Alpha Wolfe

  1. Who cares about Alpha anymore? I thought he wanted to quit porn and now he’s back as a crossover performer who fucks ANYTHING for money. Do gays even care anymore? I think NO. Next please……

    1. He was always crossover performer, and he is both good as a bottom and as a top (cumming without edits in his scene with Casey Everett). He should have hit the gym tho..

    2. “he is both good as a bottom and as a top”
      I’ve never seen a more one-dimensional, boring actor who did everything that was shot in a “robotic, compellingly convincing” way for money like he or other cross over actors. That’s exactly the big problem with these types of people. Over time, it becomes less convincing and routine for such actors in “gay” scenes to try to convince consumers that they also realy like men! And that’s exactly why they usually fail. There is no real chemistry or connection there because it is just their “job”. That’s why well-known crossover actors are no good or better than actors who only make gay stuff, for example. The quality or conviction/authenticity suffers if you do something that you are not “convinced” of or feel like doing. Everything just seems staged…

  2. I mean…ok?
    He is bisexual(pansexual) like 70% of gay porn stars but why we have to know this. Why gay blogs like this or str8up cover bisexual or trans porn? Last time I checked trans women belong to straight side of industry. And MMF threesome should be either its own category or can belong to literal part of str8 side.

    1. Because there is a public for everything and many want to know about models’ life. For instance, I really want to know how Mr Pavel Novotny is going. I am very open minded whatever his life is.

      1. I like Alpha Wolfe his cock is hard when he gets fucked. He is a good bottom and cocksucker. He is better than plenty of models. At least this man isn’t claiming to be straight he is dating a trans woman. He obviously likes dick. Remember a trans woman is a biological male and guys like them because they got dicks. The verbal gymnastics just don’t work.

    2. Trans women do not belong in straight porn they never will be accepted. They are part of LGBT but they aren’t real women. Trans women are biological males. I know everyone PC these days but a trans woman is a guy with a dick who wears a wig. Not a real woman. Alpha Wolfe of course isn’t straight like plenty of men who work in gay porn.

      1. Many have thier own hair, not wigs. IAFD considers trans and bi porn as straight. Both are subgenres of gay to me. IAFD does contradict itself , though, by listing the trans women as tops or bottoms.

  3. I didn’t like Alpha Wolfe at first. I believe he started as a top & his films were lacking a lot to me but once he started to do Verse scenes, his films got a lot better but then seeing him do bi & trans porn took the wind from the sails & my interest in his stuff died. Hopefully there won’t be many more scenes from him.

  4. This guy is hot, I like his stamina and porn is not unethical but being sexually objectified can be tiresome. We, as human beings, want connection, depth and love and if this guy found out: my best for him.

  5. Damn and I thought we wouldn’t see anymore of this guy once he announced his retirement. Well if he’s in again, I’m out. He claims he only wants to do scenes with his “girlfriend”. If that’s the case just stick with only fans and go into obscurity.

    1. As long as bi or straight porn is occupied by so former “gay porn” actor like him, I don’t give a shit. The main thing is that he don’t shoot gay porn anymore. I also call it a waste product.

  6. Ricky Larkin is a terrible villain. With his irresponsibility, he almost killed Roman Todd when he sold something that was supposedly pain killers and caused Roman’s near death. He is a horrible person. He should be ostracized forever for his reckless conduct.

  7. I’m not a big trans or bi porn fan but my solution is to not watch it. I don’t need it to not exist. I have the choice of watching it or not.

    My issue with gay porn is all the “straight” men in gay porn just for the money. These straights give completely uninspired performances, and now with the proliferation of Trimix, seem even more bored and disinterested. We can all tell the difference of someone who is attracted to men and enjoy interactions with other men. They’ve always been straight men and gay porn but I miss the days with lots of gay men who loves gay sex as either a top or bottom. The models working today tend to really bore me

  8. Oh dear. Another closet case. This Alpha male sucks cock , gets fucked up the arse and has a GF with a cock. I am sure his favorite musician is Streisand and he has seen Mildred Pierce(the original one!) at least 50 times. Yawn….

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