1. logogay

    In truth, the two of them are just as real life lovers as real gays exist here in this blog! Namely less than 50%. Especially after Trevor has sunk his cock into a vagina a few times and so many people here on this blog loved it!

      • logogay

        Are you the bisexual Rocky from CF who fucks anything for money?

    • DxP

      Your obsession with vaginas is concerning.

  2. NovaStar

    The pics alone are smoking! When pics turn you on, you know you got a winner and this looks like one. I can’t wait to see this!

    • NovaStar

      I don’t normally give a shit for when I’m downvoted but I’m kinda lost as to why there are so many downvotes here. Maybe i missed the memo somewhere where i should it be praising certain folks 🤷🏽‍♂️🤣

      • sdsr

        I wonder how many downvotes are from people who have watched the scene. I don’t care whether they’re really a couple or who they fuck elsewhere, only whether they perform well in the scene at hand. I think they do.

  3. Reg

    When they’re pitched as being couples, I’m always surprised by the lack of chemistry in scenes.

    • Alex

      Because most irl gays are awful at sex.

  4. baz

    Cockyboys’ ratio of good chemistry in scenes is more hit than miss, so I’m cautiously hopeful that tjis will be a hot as the pics imply.

    And I didn’t know Trevor dabbled in straight sex……le sigh.

  5. JR

    Can we just stop with the stupid names? Nobody in their right mind names a child “Swhirly”. Nobody in their right mind who picks their own “stage name” picks “Swhirly”. Just ridiculous.

    • will

      i believe its because they are both down with the swirl a
      interracial couple

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