Reimagined: Ed Wiley and Bob Bishop in Ramcharger

Last week, I made a post about the upcoming movie Falcon 1971 from Falcon Studios. The movie recreated classic scenes from the past, shot for shot, with today’s porn stars.

The first scene was supposedly the pair-up between Johnny Donovan and Ty Santana.

Instead, this is the last scene of the movie. According to Falcon Studios, this is a reimagined scene between Ed Wiley and Bob Bishop in Ramcharger.

After stumbling across Ed Wiley and Bob Bishop’s off-roading hookup in Falcon Studios’ ‘Ramcharger’ on his motel TV, Johnny Donovan can’t help but imagine …


  1. logogay

    When I see that at a time (when I wasn’t even born yet) rimming/ass eating was already taking place in gay porn and today highly polished masses/robotic fuck scenes without any extras are being produced with G4P actors, or comedy/insulting scenes by a certain one “Queer” studio (MEN/MG) filming, makes me sad. Plus, it looks like they won’t do it in this new “movie” either (at least you can’t see it in pictures). It’s more than sad and it’s a shame what the term “gaysex” has become in gay porn in 2024!

    • NCBored

      There is rimming in the new Falcon movie.

      • logogay

        Then I apologize. But it’s strange that this is deliberately left out of promo images. That’s exactly the spice of gay porn when they rim, lick, kiss and suck each other.
        But whether I subscribe or watch it? The G4P whore Reese plays along.
        No, I don’t think so! I pass.

        • NCBored

          Not sure why you think it was ‘deliberate’. Also not sure who selected the pictures Denz posted. But judgments carry more weight if you’ve actually seen the video first.

          • logogay

            Why should I pay or watch videos or studios before I have seen promo pictures or trailers? I’ve fallen on my face a lot in the past from such studios and their “Work”. Now I’ve become more careful. So, Reese is in the cast and I’m no longer financing this actor. It is my decision to pass and a lot of what I always see and think is confirmed. Only this time I was too hasty. No matter how much gay porn he shoots and which gay porn studio he shoots with! He should finally disappear into straight porn, which is his biggest dream, just like Cliff did!

  2. Bruce

    Sorry there aren’t two gay actors straight enough to recreate Ramcharger. I’ve blown more loads in this scene to fill a pickle jar.

  3. Reg

    All Falcon are doing is shaming themselves at how poor the quality of their new videos are to the originals. They should just remaster the old ones into 4K and rerelease.

    • Japhy

      I wish they could remaster these scenes, but when they transferred the original films for VHS and then duped them digitally for the sites that were the original consumer “pay to stream” gay porn, a lot of that got lost.

      You’d sadly be asking them to remaster the copy of a copy of copy of photocopied picture, just as example.

  4. E

    They called the movie “1971” but the original was released in 1984?

    • McM.

      The early movies from Falcon were compilations of scenes originally played in theaters. 8mm film projected onto a large screen and a bunch of dudes in the audience. Those films don’t have exact production or first screening dates.

      The newest Falcon movie, 1971, uses the year to capture the feel and types of scenes being recreated.

      • McM.

        Also, 1971 was the year Chuck Holms founded Falcon Studios.

  5. NCBored

    The first scene released today is actually Johnny Donovan & Jospeh Hart. To quote Falcon: ” Up first, muscle hunk Joseph Hart is boarding a private boat in Miami to suck off Johnny Donovan’s XL cock and recreate the aquatic ‘Champs’ hookup starring Dick Fisk and Sky Dawson.”.

    (No substitutes for the originals, IMO.)

  6. Nick

    The original is better. I read some bad rumors about Ty Santana. I don´t know if it´s true or not, but lost interest. Johnny Donovan is gorgeous and was able to seem a 70s man.

  7. Bruiser

    As a young gayling Bob Bishop was my first All American fantasy.Imagine my surprise when he served me my first beer at a gay bar ,the old Blue Parrot. I was so thrilled .It was as if I’d met Paul Newman! Doug was a wonderful guy. Beautiful inside and out.

  8. gil

    I saw this first scene released supposedly inspired by Dick Fisk and Sky Dawson – an absolute travesty. Champs and Ramcharger are among the best porn films ever. You can get them in really good quality and are well worth the money. This re-make is just trash.

  9. Alex

    None of these ashy bitches can remotely compare.

    But also, the fuck happened to this blog?

  10. BlueVelvet

    The people that these days are in charge at Falcon, should thank the lord that most of their nowadays customers are, like themselves, totally nitwits when it comes to knowing the history of the gay porn Falcon produced in the past. That’s the only reason they can get away with this ridiculous falsification of history.
    The somewhat older generation that grew up with gay porn from Falcon produced in the 70’s and 80’s will take this as a gross insult.

    Johnny Donovan & Joseph Hart is supposed to be a recreation of the scene with Dick Fisk & Sky Dawson from Champs (1979)? Don’t make me laugh.
    The original was completely shot outdoors on an open (speed)boat.
    The new scene (I can’t call it a recreation) has two minutes with a bit of sucking on a boat and then continues in a typical porn bedroom. From then on, every comparison is a misguided joke.

    Please, don’t get me started about the so-called recreation of the scene from Ramcharger with Ed Wiley and Bob Bishop. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Please allow me to address Denz(?) our host.
    I must conclude that you belong to the somewhat younger generation and are not very familiar with the old productions from Falcon. I can’t blame you, but you demonstrate exactly what I said in my opening statement.
    In exceptional cases, it really is true that “everything” was better in the past. Gay porn, specifically from Falcon, is without the slightest doubt, one of those exceptions.

    Have a nice day everybody! And if you want to look at some porn. Search for the original Champs and Ramcharger and have some compassion if the video quality isn’t according to modern standards. Concentrate on the models and what they do because that is unmatched in the cheap modern scenes from Falcon.

    • Bruce

      I appreciate that fact that Falcon is “trying” to re introduce us to the past, but there will never be a time like wghat was produced in the 70s and 80s. The men: J.W., Jon, Jack, Roger, Richard, Dick, Sky, Will, Nick, Al, Scott… These are some of the names of complete fuking studs!!! They could melt ya just be saying hello.

      If you really want the best in porn, you really need to go back – That’s the experience.

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