From Terry “Brandon Manilow has appeared in a recent update on Bel Ami”

Agree or disagree with Terry's observation on Brandon Manilow "I know that BA is notorious for having videos that have gone unreleased for years but I truly believe that this one is new because it features one of the newer models, Peter Fleming."


24 thoughts on “From Terry “Brandon Manilow has appeared in a recent update on Bel Ami”

  1. Eh, Brandon was hot when he started at Bel Ami 10+ yrs ago, but not anymore….just an ole one trick pony now.

  2. “Old” scene. Brandon retired some time ago (2 years ago I would say) and Peter Fleming has an on/off relation with doing gay porn scenes for BelAmi. This scene was filmed during Peter Fleming’s first period with BA. He stopped, came back, left again.

  3. Didn’t know that so that answers my question: it’s old. I should have known because they supposedly only had three more unreleased videos of Jason Knightley including an extended scene from “French Kiss” with Dolph Lambert, one with Sascha Chaykin and a flip-flop with Andre Boleyn which was supposedly his last. Two more surfaced later on: one where he topped Ariel Vanean and a second pairing with Alex Orioli where Alex topped him.

  4. Brandon Manilow is still hot and attractive and fucks better than most, loves cock and should be unretired. He is also gay, or at least leaning-that-way-bi, from his interviews and other postings elsewhere. He has never eaten cum on the screen nor been bred. Maybe that’s why he’s gone. Peter is wonderful, maybe he just got scared, or a better offer–or ran off with Brandon.

  5. Nah! Like almost all Bel Ami boys,they are into women when it comes to relationships. He even had girlfriends when he spent some time in Australia in 2006 with Josh Elliot to learn English.

  6. George Duroy said so on the Belami forum or it could be that I have read it in a description of Peter Fleming’s latest photo session vid. Either way, the source was BelAmi.

  7. I believe Brandon has a child, maybe even more than one. There is a backstage video of a scene with him and Dolph at the end of which he says he’s going to pick up his kid from the babysitter.

  8. The decor and the furniture used in a scene is also a good clue to roughly date BelAmi scenes.

  9. He could be joking. But I wouldn’t surprised if it were true. I mean,I’ve seen this pattern among young male porn stars a few times. Sooo young,only in their 20’s,not married,then ooops! The girlfriend got pregnant.
    Billy Cotton is a dad too. So is Jerry Haris. I think Billy Cotton is already married to his baby mama. And I don’t think he’s close to 25!
    I can help but think that their children – at least the first borns – were accidents,unplanned.

  10. Hmmm..okay then. Does George Duroy regularly posts on the BA forum?
    Is Peter Flaming still with BA then?
    I think either this or the BA/Kristen Bjorn Sex City scenes he did with Benjamin Bloom were his last scenes for BA.

  11. Eastern Europe in general tends to be more openly(some would say militantly) homophobic then Western Europe. But Czech Republic is around Central+Eastern Europe and tends to be more cosmopolitan.
    I think another thing to point out is that people(from what it seems to me based on my readings) in Czech Republic tend treat sexual activity as in having sex differently than others.They’re,at least,sort of casual about it. I could be wrong though. I would think this is mostly found among urban ones or middle class ones.
    And as I’ve said before,Brandon Manilow had girlfriends when he spent time Australia in 2006. Quite a few of the Bel Ami boys(and Bel Ami itself) have made no secret of the fact that they have or have had girlfriends. I think many of them could be described as a sort of disjunctive bisexuals but only get into relationships with women.
    Oh! It’s possible to be openly gay in EVERY country in the world including Iran,Saudi Arabia and Uganda……to at least a FEW people. Not everyone in those countries where homosexual relations is a crime is a homophobe. 😉

  12. That’s funny because I always thought of Brandon as gay. Even thought that he and former model Tommy Hansen were BF’s because they were supposedly close off the set; there’s even some modeling photos with the both of them together. I guess this should be no surprise seeing as Ennio Guardi has a GF. Next thing you know they’ll say that Jack Harrer or Luke Hamill are straight. Now Kevin Warhol is gay. Same goes for Dolph Lambert and Todd Rosset. Crossing my fingers on Benjamin Bloom being gay.

  13. I notice that a few of the BA boys become friends off set. Even Lukas Ridgeston said in an interview that Bel Ami encourages its models to socialize with each other. Was it Lukas or Sebastian Bonnet who said that they even go skiing with each other?
    Remember the post here on David Archuleta? It was YouTube video of him,his friends and possibly his girlfriend too. And you even saw Kevin Warhol and Andre Boleyn with David in one scene where they were at some music festival. So you could say that David,Kevin and Andre,the Kinky Angels,are friends off set too.
    I won’t be surprised if some of them are fuck buddies off set too. I think that was supposed to be the case with Danny Saradon and Tim Hamilton if I’m not mistaken.
    I don’t think Brandon and Tommy were ever boyfriends. I think I read that they more like buddies with each other. I mean,when you go to school or work with a large group of people,you often end being friendly and close to at least a few or one of them.
    Sometimes,the BA boys even outright lie to us about having boyfriends probably to increase their appeal. Remember when Tommy Hansen was on some radio show in the US and said he had a boyfriend? Then he appeared on the Czech Big Brother and denied he was gay when his porn career was exposed? Though some time later,when interviewed by some mag(gay mag I think),he said he was X percentage straight and Y percentage gay. I forgot the exact figures,but he DID say that! The straight percentage was much higher than the gay one.
    The modelling photos of Tommy and Brandon were for a pictorial book called Around The Globe,shot by Benno Thoma. Other BA boys were featured too.
    Luke Hamill seems straight or mostly straight/heteroflexible etc.If you read George Duroys’s Corner at the Kinky Angels website,he says of Luke: “and Luke is going to have an unintended baby (boy) which should be born tonight or tomorrow.” Now,I don’t know whether he’s joking or not or whether that means something else.
    Jack Harrer and Kevin Warhol don’t seem gay. There’s even a picture of Kevin making out with a girl online on some Czech site.
    Dolph Lambert and Todd Rosset are definitely not gay.(Bi-ish maybe). What were you basing it on? Their trip to Croatia where they filmed parts of that trip where they made out,had sex and had drinks with each other?
    Benjamin Bloom being gay? You wish! I wish! Ha ha!
    I wish Benjamin and his brother Jonny were a couple. HA HA HA!!!

  14. I just saw the preview clip of this Brandon+Peter scene and I have to say that Brandon is turning into one fine DILF. He doesn’t look boyish at all.

  15. Out gay guys like where? The Netherlands? Probably. But what I was saying was that when it comes to sex,they seem to be liberal when it comes to the gender of their sex partners.
    I think Tommy too had a girlfriend.Don’t know about now.

  16. Yes, George Duroy posts on a regular basis on the BA forum. Sometimes he’s funny, sometimes he’s grumpy, and sometimes he gives interesting behind the scenes information.
    About Peter Fleming: don’t know for sure but I think that at the moment he’s not with BA. Don’t know how many scenes BA has with him.
    Brandon didn’t go with BA on its latest trip to South Africa. Trip started in November 2011 and ended in February 2012.

  17. Dolph Lambert is definitely gay otherwise Elton John would not have invited him on his boat in France. Todd Rosset is gay (based on inside information, not going to reveal the source). Kevin Warhol is 99% gay (that picture with a girl was from before he discovered his gay feelings). Jack Harrer is probably gay (he mentioned something about his coming out in a video). Adam Archuleta is straight. Andre Boleyn is straight. Benjamin Bloom is straight. etc. etc. etc.

  18. In the Czech Republic there is a big difference between the big towns (Prague, Brno and others) and the countryside. Towns are much more liberal and Prague has lots of gay clubs and bars. Countryside is very conservative. And before we forget: in the Czech Republic gay guys can legally marry and we can’t say that for many parts of the USA.
    Gay life in the CR exists but because most Czech guys don’t speak English very well the outside world thinks it is non-existent. Czech gay guys interact with one another through iboys and not so much through GayRomeo (which is internationally orientated).
    Sometimes studios advertise a model as straight while in reality he is gay. I know for a fact that a certain WH model is gay but in a short interview before his casting video he said he was straight. I think this is something what should be called the “Corbin Fisher Syndrome”: the believe that the majority of gay guys love so called straight models more than gay ones.
    Johan Volny is not the only openly gay model in the CR. Milan Sharp (Staxus) is gay, Xander Hollis (also Staxus) is gay. And there are more models who are gay. But doing gay porn does not always go well with family and friends so that’s why they don’t shout it from the roof tops.

  19. That trip in France last year? Well,one of the guys invited was tennis player Jan-Michael Gambill. He’s popular with the ladies. He was even on some VH1 show called Tough Love in which he was set up with a girl. Safe to say he’s straight. He’s never been known to be involved with men. He has played tennis for Elton John charities. Straight men and gay men can be friends too.
    Maybe Dolph was invited because Elton is attracted to Dolph very much? He is very handsome after all. And Elton being rich,that was probably a fun trip to experience for Dolph.
    Todd Rosset is gay based on inside info? Well,at his player profile at a football club(which he plays for) website,he says he likes women.
    Kevin Warhol is 99% gay? Before he discovered those feelings? I remember reading a newsletter on the now defunct ibelaminews about Kevin which mentioned amongst other thing,how his surname was chosen and how like many of the BA boys once they started having sex with boys they weren’t so sure about their sexuality.
    Jack Harrer? I don’t know.
    Sebastian Bonnet, Lukas Ridgeston, Kevin Warhol, Julien Hussey, Colin Reeves, Jean-Daniel Chagall, Bartolome Dias, Tommy Hansen, Brandon Manilow, Juan Rivera, Ennio Guardi, Etienne Pauliac and Davy Paxton are among the ones seen with girlfriends/wives.
    There a post here about the BA boys getting kicked off a cruise ship.The post also mentions them ogling pretty girls. One of the boys there was Todd Rosset.
    Also,look at the comments in that post Harris Hilton and Mick.

  20. The big town/small town difference is pretty much the case with like every country in the world in the 21st century. I’m from Malaysia where homosexuality is illegal,yet there are unofficial gay clubs in KL. Even Vadim Farell who comes from a small town had problems when he was exposed as gay porn star. Czech gays can’t exactly “marry”. A few years ago the government legalized civil unions or something of that sort.
    Yes,I know about some studios advertising their models as straight. We gays are attracted to natural raw masculinity. You usually find this with American studios. With Bel Ami,some of the models right from the start with their bios,have it stated that they have or have had girlfriends. BA is bit more honest in this regard. Matt
    Phillipe is different. In an interview found at Johans Journal,he mentioned that he had just broken up with his boyfriend. If that is true,he is at least bi. The only BA models who have been known to be gay upfront are Andre Pagnol and Ralph Long. In their model bios,Manuel Rios and Ariel Vanean are listed as bisexual. But I think they’re only SEXUAL bisexuals.Not full ones.
    George Duroy was interviewed by gay news site Towleroad in 2011 or 2012 and I think he said his models are what he calls heteroflexible.
    Yes, of course doing gay porn or just doing porn(especially gay porn) in general does not always go well with family,friends,employers and even neighbours and landlords. That’s why they have stage names.
    By the way,since you mentioned Staxus,a few BA boys have worked for them too :
    Kevin Ateah
    Marco Bill
    Jack Blue
    Mark Zebro
    Ruslan Brodovisch
    Davy Paxton
    Val Horner/Nicolas Cruz
    Jerry Haris/Ric Jones
    Nial Phoenix/Marco Filipi
    Levis Grant/Colin Reeves
    Richard Said/Ben Keaton

  21. If you give more value to a football player’s profile than to very trustworthy inside information …. Last I heard about Todd Rosset is that he went to San Francisco (don’t know if he is still there).

  22. “If you give more value to a football player’s profile than to very trustworthy inside information ….” You saying I’m stupid? LOL!
    I thought he went to San Fran for months a few years ago to work as a waiter and to improve his English. There was a post on this on Johan Journal.
    Or do you mean he went to San Fran AGAIN somewhat recently? He has a new scene out at BA with Harris Hilton which was shot in South Africa.Don’t know when that was shot.
    Todd Rosset seems straight to me.
    When you watch the BA boys interact with each other in behind the scenes footage and see the Randy Blue boys doing the same,the BA boys seem naturally straight whereas the RB ones are straight-acting and over doing it.
    What trust worthy inside info is this from? A friend? Someone in the industry? Don’t have to tell me exactly whom it is.

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