Something different at Peep from Chaos Men

If it is to be believed, these Peep scenes from Chaos Men were filmed by the models themselves. They were taught by Ransom on the basics of camera use. It was interesting to see the latest update of Peep where Cruz brought a friend. Did the friend get paid or touching Cruz was payment enough for the 53 year old body builder?


The house seems to belong to Cruz’s friend. Since, this is supposedly the room of Cruz.

6 thoughts on “Something different at Peep from Chaos Men

  1. Gosh-1; “PEEP”@ CM moving towards the “SugarDaddy” scenario???
    Gosh-2; Taurus looks great for a 53 year old.
    Gosh-3; 53 just seems a bit out-of-place for a Chaosmen update…but then again,..isn’t that about the same age group for Bryan? LOL!!

  2. Actually kind of hot. I like CM because Bryan mixes it up with a variety of men, ages and videos, it’s not the usual narrow niche site.

  3. are you kidding? Most men would rather touch the body builder than Cruz…or is that just the guys I know

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